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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Immigration. All abbreviations on this page are USCIS means United States Citizen and Immigration Services, USCIS means United States Customs and Immigration Service, USIF means U S Immigration Fund, USIS means United States Immigration Station, VIDA means Voices for Immigrant Defense and Advocacy, VIZ means Visual Identification Zone, VOICE means Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement, VOICES means Voices Organizing Immigrant Communities for Educational Success, VOR means Visa Office-Referred, VOS means Verification Of Status, VPRS means Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme, WCI means Welcoming Community Initiative, WFIB means Waltham Forest Immigration Bureau, WIN means Welcome and Information for Newcomers, WWICS means World Wide Immigration and Consultancy Services, WWIW means working with immigrant women, WWIW means Women working with immigrant women, YICS means Yorkshire Immigration Consultancy Service,

USCISUnited States Citizen and Immigration Services. USCIS
USCISUnited States Customs and Immigration Service. USCIS
USIFU S Immigration Fund. USIF
USISUnited States Immigration Station. USIS
VIDAVoices for Immigrant Defense and Advocacy. VIDA
VIZVisual Identification Zone. VIZ
VOICEVictims of Immigration Crime Engagement. VOICE
VOICESVoices Organizing Immigrant Communities for Educational Success. VOICES
VORVisa Office-Referred. VOR
VOSVerification Of Status. VOS
VPRSVulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme. VPRS
WCIWelcoming Community Initiative. WCI
WFIBWaltham Forest Immigration Bureau. WFIB
WINWelcome and Information for Newcomers. WIN
WWICSWorld Wide Immigration and Consultancy Services. WWICS
WWIWworking with immigrant women. WWIW
WWIWWomen working with immigrant women. WWIW
YICSYorkshire Immigration Consultancy Service. YICS


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