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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Irish. All abbreviations on this page are AADI means Autism Awareness Dogs Ireland, AFPI means Acupuncture for Fertility Pregnancy Ireland, AIHS means American Irish Historical Society, AMRI means Association of Missionaries and Religious of Ireland, ARI means Advancing Recovery in Ireland, ARTI means Athletic Rehabilitation Therapy Ireland, ASJI means Association of Sports Journalists in Ireland, BIAB means British and Irish Archaeological Bibliography, BIAZA means British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquaria, BIBF means British and Irish Basketball Federation, BICC means British Irish Chamber of Commerce, BICO means British and Irish Communist Organisation, BIIC means British Irish Intergovernmental Council, BNDCC means Bangor and North Down Camera Club (Northern Ireland), BRUI means Business Retail Union of Ireland, BSIL means Boston Scientific Ireland Limited, BTEAS means Back to Education Allowance Scheme (Ireland), CARI means Children At Risk in Ireland, CARLIN means Little champion Male given name of Irish origin, CENI means Constructing Excellence in Northern Ireland,

AADIAutism Awareness Dogs Ireland. AADI
AFPIAcupuncture for Fertility Pregnancy Ireland. AFPI
AIHSAmerican Irish Historical Society. AIHS
AMRIAssociation of Missionaries and Religious of Ireland. AMRI
ARIAdvancing Recovery in Ireland. ARI
ARTIAthletic Rehabilitation Therapy Ireland. ARTI
ASJIAssociation of Sports Journalists in Ireland. ASJI
BIABBritish and Irish Archaeological Bibliography. BIAB
BIAZABritish and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquaria. BIAZA
BIBFBritish and Irish Basketball Federation. BIBF
BICCBritish Irish Chamber of Commerce. BICC
BICOBritish and Irish Communist Organisation. BICO
BIICBritish Irish Intergovernmental Council. BIIC
BNDCCBangor and North Down Camera Club (Northern Ireland). BNDCC
BRUIBusiness Retail Union of Ireland. BRUI
BSILBoston Scientific Ireland Limited. BSIL
BTEASBack to Education Allowance Scheme (Ireland). BTEAS
CARIChildren At Risk in Ireland. CARI
CARLINLittle champion Male given name of Irish origin. CARLIN
CENIConstructing Excellence in Northern Ireland. CENI


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