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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Java. All abbreviations on this page are 4J means For Java, AJAX means Asynchronous JavaScript And XMLThe, AJP means Apache Java Protocol, ALU means Arthematic and Logic Unit, ANJI means Another NEAT Java Implementation, ASP means Active Server Page, BAJA means Building Automation Java Architecture, BNJ means Bayesian Networks in Java, BRJC means Bamboo REST Java Client, CJNC means Central Java Nursing Center, CMS means Concurrent Mark Sweep, DAJ means Distributed Algorithms in Java, DCOM means Distributed Component Object Model, DJL means Desktop Java Live, DJL means Deep Java Library, DOGMA means Distributed Object Group Metacomputing Architecture, DPJ means Deterministic Parallel Java, ECJ means Eclipse Compiler for Java, EEJ means Effective Enterprise Java, EJC means Embedded Java Controller,

4JFor Java. 4J
AJAXAsynchronous JavaScript And XMLThe. AJAX
AJPApache Java Protocol. AJP
ALUArthematic and Logic Unit. ALU
ANJIAnother NEAT Java Implementation. ANJI
ASPActive Server Page. ASP
BAJABuilding Automation Java Architecture. BAJA
BNJBayesian Networks in Java. BNJ
BRJCBamboo REST Java Client. BRJC
CJNCCentral Java Nursing Center. CJNC
CMSConcurrent Mark Sweep. CMS
DAJDistributed Algorithms in Java. DAJ
DCOMDistributed Component Object Model. DCOM
DJLDesktop Java Live. DJL
DJLDeep Java Library. DJL
DOGMADistributed Object Group Metacomputing Architecture. DOGMA
DPJDeterministic Parallel Java. DPJ
ECJEclipse Compiler for Java. ECJ
EEJEffective Enterprise Java. EEJ
EJCEmbedded Java Controller. EJC


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