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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Judo. All abbreviations on this page are AJTC means Atlantic Judo Training Center, BBJ means Black Belt Judo, BJA means British Judo Association, BJJ means Basically Japanese Judo, BLT means Back Low Throw, DJB means Deutscher Judo Bund, ECJA means Eastern Collegiate Judo Association, EJU means European Judo Union, FJI means Florida Judo Incorporated, FRJ means Federaţia Română de Judo, HJS means Hrvatskog judo saveza, HJS means Hrvatski judo savez, IJA means Irish Judo Association, JBCB means Judo Budo Club Bellinzona, JCBS means Judo Club du Bassin Saumurois, JCNI means Judo Club Nord Isere, JCSG means Judo Club St Gallen Gossau, JCSK means Judo Club Spatial de Kourou, JFA means Judo Federation of Australia, JJJ means Jiu Jitsu Judo,

AJTCAtlantic Judo Training Center. AJTC
BBJBlack Belt Judo. BBJ
BJABritish Judo Association. BJA
BJJBasically Japanese Judo. BJJ
BLTBack Low Throw. BLT
DJBDeutscher Judo Bund. DJB
ECJAEastern Collegiate Judo Association. ECJA
EJUEuropean Judo Union. EJU
FJIFlorida Judo Incorporated. FJI
FRJFederaţia Română de Judo. FRJ
HJSHrvatskog judo saveza. HJS
HJSHrvatski judo savez. HJS
IJAIrish Judo Association. IJA
JBCBJudo Budo Club Bellinzona. JBCB
JCBSJudo Club du Bassin Saumurois. JCBS
JCNIJudo Club Nord Isere. JCNI
JCSGJudo Club St Gallen Gossau. JCSG
JCSKJudo Club Spatial de Kourou. JCSK
JFAJudo Federation of Australia. JFA
JJJJiu Jitsu Judo. JJJ


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