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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Karate. All abbreviations on this page are AAKA means All Anglia Karate Association, ABK means America's Best Karate, ABKA means American Bushido-kai Karate Association, ACKD means Academy of Classical Karate Do, ACKD means Academy of Classical Karate Do, AJKA means American JKA Karate Association, AKA means American Karate Association, AKF means Amateur Karate Foundation, AKF means Australian Karate Federation, AKKA means American Kenpo Karate Association, AKKI means American Kenpo Karate International, AOK means Amateur Organization of Karate, AOOMKA means All Okinawan Ozark Mountain Karate Association's, ASKA means American Shotokan Karate Alliance, ASKC means Arkansas Sport Karate Circuit, ASKC means American Sport Karate Centers, ASKI means Association of Sports Karate India, ASKU means American Shukokai Karate Union, ASSK means Australian School of Shotokan Karate, ATKT means Association tunisienne de karate traditionnel,

AAKAAll Anglia Karate Association. AAKA
ABKAmerica's Best Karate. ABK
ABKAAmerican Bushido-kai Karate Association. ABKA
ACKDAcademy of Classical Karate Do. ACKD
ACKDAcademy of Classical Karate Do. ACKD
AJKAAmerican JKA Karate Association. AJKA
AKAAmerican Karate Association. AKA
AKFAmateur Karate Foundation. AKF
AKFAustralian Karate Federation. AKF
AKKAAmerican Kenpo Karate Association. AKKA
AKKIAmerican Kenpo Karate International. AKKI
AOKAmateur Organization of Karate. AOK
AOOMKAAll Okinawan Ozark Mountain Karate Association's. AOOMKA
ASKAAmerican Shotokan Karate Alliance. ASKA
ASKCArkansas Sport Karate Circuit. ASKC
ASKCAmerican Sport Karate Centers. ASKC
ASKIAssociation of Sports Karate India. ASKI
ASKUAmerican Shukokai Karate Union. ASKU
ASSKAustralian School of Shotokan Karate. ASSK
ATKTAssociation tunisienne de karate traditionnel. ATKT


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