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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Laboratory. All abbreviations on this page are 14C means Carbon-14, 17-OHCS means 17-HydroxyCorticoSteroid, 3MGA means 3-MethylGlutaconic Aciduria, 4B9 means Gc-globulin (4B9) Antibody, 5HIAA means 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid, 6MWT means Six Minute Walk Test, A means Albino guinea pig, A/b means antibody, A/G means albumin-to-globulin, AA means Amyloid Associated, AAA means A trial of Aspirin Against no Aspirin, AAAAA means AHo's Amazing Atlas of Antibody Anatomy, AAALAC means Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care, AAALAC means Association for Assessment and Accreditation for Laboratory Animal Care, AABB means American Association of Blood Banks, AAHL means Aquatic Animal Health Laboratory, AAMPS means Amino Acid and Metabolizable Protein System, AAMX means Aceto Acet M Xylidine, AANL means Artem Alikhanian National Laboratory, AANL means Artem Alikhanyan National Laboratory,

14CCarbon-14. 14C
17-OHCS17-HydroxyCorticoSteroid. 17-OHCS
3MGA3-MethylGlutaconic Aciduria. 3MGA
4B9Gc-globulin (4B9) Antibody. 4B9
5HIAA5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid. 5HIAA
6MWTSix Minute Walk Test. 6MWT
AAlbino guinea pig. A
A/bantibody. A/b
A/Galbumin-to-globulin. A/G
AAAmyloid Associated. AA
AAAA trial of Aspirin Against no Aspirin. AAA
AAAAAAHo's Amazing Atlas of Antibody Anatomy. AAAAA
AAALACAssociation for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care. AAALAC
AAALACAssociation for Assessment and Accreditation for Laboratory Animal Care. AAALAC
AABBAmerican Association of Blood Banks. AABB
AAHLAquatic Animal Health Laboratory. AAHL
AAMPSAmino Acid and Metabolizable Protein System. AAMPS
AAMXAceto Acet M Xylidine. AAMX
AANLArtem Alikhanian National Laboratory. AANL
AANLArtem Alikhanyan National Laboratory. AANL


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