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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Lacrosse. All abbreviations on this page are ABYL means Acton Boxborough Youth Lacrosse, ACLG means All Canada Lacrosse Games, ADLC means Arden Diamondback Lacrosse Club, AGLA means Arizona Girls Lacrosse Association, AILA means American Indoor Lacrosse Association, ALL means Austalian Lacrosse League, ALRA means Alberta Lacrosse Referees Association, ALRA means Alberta Lacrosse Referee Association, AMLL means Aurora Masters Lacrosse Leagues, AMLL means Aurora Masters Lacrosse League, AWLC means Australian Women's Lacrosse Council, BBL means Building Blocks Lacrosse, BBLL means Bucktown Box Lacrosse League, BCLA means British Columbia Lacrosse Association, BR means Bench Rest, BULL means Brine Upstate Lacrosse League, BVL means Boulder Valley Lacrosse, CCLA means Central Collegiate Lacrosse Association, CCLA means Chester County Lacrosse Association, CCLA means Collier County Lacrosse Association,

ABYLActon Boxborough Youth Lacrosse. ABYL
ACLGAll Canada Lacrosse Games. ACLG
ADLCArden Diamondback Lacrosse Club. ADLC
AGLAArizona Girls Lacrosse Association. AGLA
AILAAmerican Indoor Lacrosse Association. AILA
ALLAustalian Lacrosse League. ALL
ALRAAlberta Lacrosse Referees Association. ALRA
ALRAAlberta Lacrosse Referee Association. ALRA
AMLLAurora Masters Lacrosse Leagues. AMLL
AMLLAurora Masters Lacrosse League. AMLL
AWLCAustralian Women's Lacrosse Council. AWLC
BBLBuilding Blocks Lacrosse. BBL
BBLLBucktown Box Lacrosse League. BBLL
BCLABritish Columbia Lacrosse Association. BCLA
BRBench Rest. BR
BULLBrine Upstate Lacrosse League. BULL
BVLBoulder Valley Lacrosse. BVL
CCLACentral Collegiate Lacrosse Association. CCLA
CCLAChester County Lacrosse Association. CCLA
CCLACollier County Lacrosse Association. CCLA


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