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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Language Codes (2 Letters). All abbreviations on this page are AA means Afar, AB means Abkhazian, AB means Alberta, AE means American Eskimo, AF means Anglo-French, AF means Afrikaans, AL means All Languages, AM means Amharic, AR means Arabic, AS means Assamese, AY means Aymara, AZ means Azerbaijani, AZ means Azerbaijan of Republic, BA means Bashkir, BE means Byelorussian, BG means Bulgarian, BH means Bihari, BI means Bislama, BN means Bengali, BN means Bangla,

AAAfar. AA
ABAbkhazian. AB
ABAlberta. AB
AEAmerican Eskimo. AE
AFAnglo-French. AF
AFAfrikaans. AF
ALAll Languages. AL
AMAmharic. AM
ARArabic. AR
ASAssamese. AS
AYAymara. AY
AZAzerbaijani. AZ
AZAzerbaijan of Republic. AZ
BABashkir. BA
BEByelorussian. BE
BGBulgarian. BG
BHBihari. BH
BIBislama. BI
BNBengali. BN
BNBangla. BN


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