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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Law & Legal. All abbreviations on this page are (C) means Copyright, 144 means Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code, 1A means First Amendment, 24JDC means 24th Judicial District Court, 27A means Twenty-Seventh Amendment, 451 means Unavailable For Legal Reasons, 504 means Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, 6MO means Six MOnth rule dismissal, 999-9999 means The Nine Line - Help line for runaways, A. means Atlantic Reporter, A.2D means Atlantic Reporter, 2nd Series, A.L.R.2D means American Law Reports, 2nd Series, A.L.R.3D means American Law Reports, 3rd Series, A.L.R.4TH means American Law Reports, 4th Series, A.L.R.5th means American Law Reports, 5th Series, A.L.R.6th means American Law Reports, 6th Series, A.L.R.FED. means American Law Reports, Federal, A.P.P. means Additional Public Prosecutor, A/L means Artificial Language, A/N means Above Named,

(C)Copyright. (C)
144Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code. 144
1AFirst Amendment. 1A
24JDC24th Judicial District Court. 24JDC
27ATwenty-Seventh Amendment. 27A
451Unavailable For Legal Reasons. 451
504Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. 504
6MOSix MOnth rule dismissal. 6MO
999-9999The Nine Line - Help line for runaways. 999-9999
A.Atlantic Reporter. A.
A.2DAtlantic Reporter, 2nd Series. A.2D
A.L.R.2DAmerican Law Reports, 2nd Series. A.L.R.2D
A.L.R.3DAmerican Law Reports, 3rd Series. A.L.R.3D
A.L.R.4THAmerican Law Reports, 4th Series. A.L.R.4TH
A.L.R.5thAmerican Law Reports, 5th Series. A.L.R.5th
A.L.R.6thAmerican Law Reports, 6th Series. A.L.R.6th
A.L.R.FED.American Law Reports, Federal. A.L.R.FED.
A.P.P.Additional Public Prosecutor. A.P.P.
A/LArtificial Language. A/L
A/NAbove Named. A/N


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