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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Legislation. All abbreviations on this page are 1984 means A novel written by George Orwell, A/ST means Against, AALL means Accredited Association for Labor Legislation, AALL means American Association for Labor Legislation, AALL means American Association of Labor Legislation, ABA means Architectural Barriers Act, ABAAG means Architectural Barriers Act, ABC means Alberta Building Code, AC means Appellate Court, ACA means Affordable Care Act, ACC means Anti Corruption Commission, ACJ means Administrative Civil Judge, ACMPR means Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulation, ADA means American disabled act, ADAAA means Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act, AFMLS means Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Section, AFSPA means Armed Forces Special Powers Act, AFSPA means Arm Forces Special Power Act, AGIA means Alaska Gasline Inducement Act, AGOA means African Growth Opportunity Act,

1984A novel written by George Orwell. 1984
A/STAgainst. A/ST
AALLAccredited Association for Labor Legislation. AALL
AALLAmerican Association for Labor Legislation. AALL
AALLAmerican Association of Labor Legislation. AALL
ABAArchitectural Barriers Act. ABA
ABAAGArchitectural Barriers Act. ABAAG
ABCAlberta Building Code. ABC
ACAppellate Court. AC
ACAAffordable Care Act. ACA
ACCAnti Corruption Commission. ACC
ACJAdministrative Civil Judge. ACJ
ACMPRAccess to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulation. ACMPR
ADAAmerican disabled act. ADA
ADAAAAmericans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act. ADAAA
AFMLSAsset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Section. AFMLS
AFSPAArmed Forces Special Powers Act. AFSPA
AFSPAArm Forces Special Power Act. AFSPA
AGIAAlaska Gasline Inducement Act. AGIA
AGOAAfrican Growth Opportunity Act. AGOA


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