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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Literacy. All abbreviations on this page are AA means Americ Airlin, ABLE means Audio Braille Literacy Enhancement, ABOB means Not Comparable; Afloat कच्ची ईंट, AEL means Adult Education and Literacy, AEL means Adult Education Literacy, AELD means Adult Education And Literacy Development, AETL means Advancing Excellence in Technological Literacy, AFLIG means Action For Literacy Interest Group, AHLA means Asian Health Literacy Association, AIN'T means Is Not, ALAF means Adult Literacy Achievement Framework, ALAN means Adult Literacy Adult Numeracy, ALAN means Adult Literacy And Numeracy, ALEA means Australian Literacy Educators Association, ALERT means Active For Literacy And Environmental Renovation Task, ALFA means Accelerating Literacy For Adolescents, ALLAN means Academic Literacy Learning And Numeracy, ALLC means Australian Language and Literacy Council, ALLD means Academic Language and Literacy Diagnostic, ALLL means Active Learning Leads to Literacy,

AAAmeric Airlin. AA
ABLEAudio Braille Literacy Enhancement. ABLE
ABOBNot Comparable; Afloat कच्ची ईंट. ABOB
AELAdult Education and Literacy. AEL
AELAdult Education Literacy. AEL
AELDAdult Education And Literacy Development. AELD
AETLAdvancing Excellence in Technological Literacy. AETL
AFLIGAction For Literacy Interest Group. AFLIG
AHLAAsian Health Literacy Association. AHLA
ALAFAdult Literacy Achievement Framework. ALAF
ALANAdult Literacy Adult Numeracy. ALAN
ALANAdult Literacy And Numeracy. ALAN
ALEAAustralian Literacy Educators Association. ALEA
ALERTActive For Literacy And Environmental Renovation Task. ALERT
ALFAAccelerating Literacy For Adolescents. ALFA
ALLANAcademic Literacy Learning And Numeracy. ALLAN
ALLCAustralian Language and Literacy Council. ALLC
ALLDAcademic Language and Literacy Diagnostic. ALLD
ALLLActive Learning Leads to Literacy. ALLL


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