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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Lithuanian. All abbreviations on this page are ALBC means American Lithuanian Business Council, BLG means Balagans, ELKC means Europos Lietuvių Kultūros Centras, ERKP means Eesti Riiklik Keskkonnaseire Programm, ES means Europos Sajunga, ETA means Esti Teaduste Akadeemia, ILLF means Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore, KU means Klaipėdos Universitetas, LAKA means Latvijas Atverta Koda Asociacija, LBAD means LITHUANIAN BUSINESS ASSOCIATION in Dubai, LCCU means Lithuanian Central Credit Union, LGGD means Lietuvos Gyvūnų Globos Draugija, LMKL means Lietuvos Moterų Krepšinio Lyga, LMPF means Lithuanian Modern Pentathlon Federation, LMSU means Lithuanian Multiple Sclerosis Union, LNDT means Lietuvos Nacionaliniame Dramos Teatre (Lithuanian: Lithuanian National Drama Theatre), LNFI means Lithuanian National Forest Inventory, LPGU means Lithuanian Peasants and Green Union, LPGU means Lithuanian Peasant and Green Union, LPGU means Lithuanian Peasants and Greens Union,

ALBCAmerican Lithuanian Business Council. ALBC
BLGBalagans. BLG
ELKCEuropos Lietuvių Kultūros Centras. ELKC
ERKPEesti Riiklik Keskkonnaseire Programm. ERKP
ESEuropos Sajunga. ES
ETAEsti Teaduste Akadeemia. ETA
ILLFInstitute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore. ILLF
KUKlaipėdos Universitetas. KU
LAKALatvijas Atverta Koda Asociacija. LAKA
LCCULithuanian Central Credit Union. LCCU
LGGDLietuvos Gyvūnų Globos Draugija. LGGD
LMKLLietuvos Moterų Krepšinio Lyga. LMKL
LMPFLithuanian Modern Pentathlon Federation. LMPF
LMSULithuanian Multiple Sclerosis Union. LMSU
LNDTLietuvos Nacionaliniame Dramos Teatre (Lithuanian: Lithuanian National Drama Theatre). LNDT
LNFILithuanian National Forest Inventory. LNFI
LPGULithuanian Peasants and Green Union. LPGU
LPGULithuanian Peasant and Green Union. LPGU
LPGULithuanian Peasants and Greens Union. LPGU


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