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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym State & Local. All abbreviations on this page are 0HP means Ohio Highway Patrol, 3OA means Thirty A, 3P means Public-private partnership, A2 means Ann Arbor, Michigan, AA means Ann Arbor, AAAA means Ann Arbor Administrators Association, AAAC means African American Affairs Commission, AAAD means Area Agency on Aging and Disability, AAB means Architectural Access Board, AAC means Alaska Administrative Code, AACM means Arizona Association of Community Managers, AAFA means Arkansas Association of Facilities Administrators, AAHC means Arizona Adolescent Health Coalition, AAI means All Aspects of Industry, AALA means Associated Administrators of Los Angeles, AAPC means Area Agency Program Coordinator, AAPU means Application Assistance Payment Unit, AARC means Alabama Association of Regional Councils, AARD means Agricultural Agency for Research and Development, AARI means Archaeological Area of Regional Importance,

0HPOhio Highway Patrol. 0HP
3OAThirty A. 3OA
3PPublic-private partnership. 3P
A2Ann Arbor, Michigan. A2
AAAnn Arbor. AA
AAAAAnn Arbor Administrators Association. AAAA
AAACAfrican American Affairs Commission. AAAC
AAADArea Agency on Aging and Disability. AAAD
AABArchitectural Access Board. AAB
AACAlaska Administrative Code. AAC
AACMArizona Association of Community Managers. AACM
AAFAArkansas Association of Facilities Administrators. AAFA
AAHCArizona Adolescent Health Coalition. AAHC
AAIAll Aspects of Industry. AAI
AALAAssociated Administrators of Los Angeles. AALA
AAPCArea Agency Program Coordinator. AAPC
AAPUApplication Assistance Payment Unit. AAPU
AARCAlabama Association of Regional Councils. AARC
AARDAgricultural Agency for Research and Development. AARD
AARIArchaeological Area of Regional Importance. AARI


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