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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Logistics. All abbreviations on this page are 3PL means Third Party Logistics, ACHL means Air Cargo Handling Logistics, ACLI means All Cargo Logistics International, ACVL means All Counties Vehicle Logistics, AELD means Air Engineering and Logistics Department, AFLS means Accenture Freight and Logistics Software, AGL means Allcargo Global Logistics, AGL means American Global Logistics, AIL means Antarctic Infrastructure and Logistics, AILA means Army Integrated Logistics Architecture, AILIS means Accord Integrated Logistics Information System, AIMS means Advanced Inventory Management System, ALA means American Logistics Association, ALAN means American Logistics Aid Network, ALC means American Logistics Company, ALC means Advanced Logistics Center, ALCI means Antarctic Logistics Centre International, ALCS means Automated Logistics Control System, ALDT means Administrative and Logistic Delay Time, ALDT means Average Logistics Delay Time,

3PLThird Party Logistics. 3PL
ACHLAir Cargo Handling Logistics. ACHL
ACLIAll Cargo Logistics International. ACLI
ACVLAll Counties Vehicle Logistics. ACVL
AELDAir Engineering and Logistics Department. AELD
AFLSAccenture Freight and Logistics Software. AFLS
AGLAllcargo Global Logistics. AGL
AGLAmerican Global Logistics. AGL
AILAntarctic Infrastructure and Logistics. AIL
AILAArmy Integrated Logistics Architecture. AILA
AILISAccord Integrated Logistics Information System. AILIS
AIMSAdvanced Inventory Management System. AIMS
ALAAmerican Logistics Association. ALA
ALANAmerican Logistics Aid Network. ALAN
ALCAmerican Logistics Company. ALC
ALCAdvanced Logistics Center. ALC
ALCIAntarctic Logistics Centre International. ALCI
ALCSAutomated Logistics Control System. ALCS
ALDTAdministrative and Logistic Delay Time. ALDT
ALDTAverage Logistics Delay Time. ALDT


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