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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym London Stock Exchange. All abbreviations on this page are 01IS means Komercni Gdr 4A, 01LS means Finansbk.gdr 4A, 03OO means Polski Gdr 144A, 04LC means CITIBANK, N.A., ALL Ordinaries Index CITITrak Units, 05IS means Mando Mach.gdr, 05LC means Citibk.kuala Lu, 06LC means Citibank Hang U, 06LR means Telefonica Ck A, 07LC means Citibank Thai U, 08IS means Mirgor Ads(4a), 09OE means Ml O'sea Ch.bk., 0E40 means Dea Capital Ord, 0ILK means Criteria Caixa, 0MPZ means Jazztel Ord, 0N3F means Winter K Ordinary shares (de-listed), 0N3J means Crew Gold Corporation, 0OR4 means Xing Ag Xing N Ordinary shares, 0OR5 means Orzel, 0ORI means Techmex Ord, 0P07 means Misys Ord,

01ISKomercni Gdr 4A. 01IS
01LSFinansbk.gdr 4A. 01LS
03OOPolski Gdr 144A. 03OO
04LCCITIBANK, N.A., ALL Ordinaries Index CITITrak Units. 04LC
05ISMando Mach.gdr. 05IS
05LCCitibk.kuala Lu. 05LC
06LCCitibank Hang U. 06LC
06LRTelefonica Ck A. 06LR
07LCCitibank Thai U. 07LC
08ISMirgor Ads(4a). 08IS
09OEMl O'sea Ch.bk.. 09OE
0E40Dea Capital Ord. 0E40
0ILKCriteria Caixa. 0ILK
0MPZJazztel Ord. 0MPZ
0N3FWinter K Ordinary shares (de-listed). 0N3F
0N3JCrew Gold Corporation. 0N3J
0OR4Xing Ag Xing N Ordinary shares. 0OR4
0OR5Orzel. 0OR5
0ORITechmex Ord. 0ORI
0P07Misys Ord. 0P07


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