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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Mathematics. All abbreviations on this page are ! means Factorial, " means Second derivative, # means Number, % means Per Cent, ( ] means Half Open Set on the Left, () means Open Set, * means Multiplication, - means Subtraction, - means Negative, -1' means Minus One Dash, / means Division, 00110 means The binary representation for the number 6, 121 means One-to-One correspondence, 1E1 means An Hexadecimal number equals to 481 in Decimal, 1NF means First Normal Form, 2D means Two Dimensional, 2DFT means Two-Dimensional Fourier Transform, 2DP means Two Decimal Places, 2DTF means Two-Dimensional Transfer Function, 2NF means Second Normal Form,

!Factorial. !
"Second derivative. "
#Number. #
%Per Cent. %
( ]Half Open Set on the Left. ( ]
()Open Set. ()
*Multiplication. *
-Subtraction. -
-Negative. -
-1'Minus One Dash. -1'
/Division. /
00110The binary representation for the number 6. 00110
121One-to-One correspondence. 121
1E1An Hexadecimal number equals to 481 in Decimal. 1E1
1NFFirst Normal Form. 1NF
2DTwo Dimensional. 2D
2DFTTwo-Dimensional Fourier Transform. 2DFT
2DPTwo Decimal Places. 2DP
2DTFTwo-Dimensional Transfer Function. 2DTF
2NFSecond Normal Form. 2NF


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