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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym News & Media. All abbreviations on this page are 1BR means 1 Business Radio, 1KPOV means 1000 Points Of View, 30 means End of News Release, 3GP means Third Generation for mobile Platform, 407 RRD means 407th Radio Research Detachment, 47 means Agent 47, Hitman, A&E means arts and entertainment, A&E means Arts & Entertainment, A/P means Artist's Proof, A/SP/A means Also Spelled As ...., A/V means Audio/Video, A2 means Antenne 2 ( France), A2N means Access to Nature, AA means Author's Alteration, AA means Adjusting Appendix, AA means Author's Addition, AA means Average Audience, AA means American Archaeology, AA means Academy Award, AA means Audible Audiobook,

1BR1 Business Radio. 1BR
1KPOV1000 Points Of View. 1KPOV
30End of News Release. 30
3GPThird Generation for mobile Platform. 3GP
407 RRD407th Radio Research Detachment. 407 RRD
47Agent 47, Hitman. 47
A&Earts and entertainment. A&E
A&EArts & Entertainment. A&E
A/PArtist's Proof. A/P
A/SP/AAlso Spelled As ..... A/SP/A
A/VAudio/Video. A/V
A2Antenne 2 ( France). A2
A2NAccess to Nature. A2N
AAAuthor's Alteration. AA
AAAdjusting Appendix. AA
AAAuthor's Addition. AA
AAAverage Audience. AA
AAAmerican Archaeology. AA
AAAcademy Award. AA
AAAudible Audiobook. AA


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