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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Memorials. All abbreviations on this page are AGML means Abbie Greenleaf Memorial Library, AHMF means Alexander Hamilton Memorial Free, AMSDA means Avondale Memorial Seventh-Day Adventist Church, BBMSC means Bob Buquor Memorial Star Crest (skydiving award), BDMM means Brian Downing Memorial Meet, BMH means Baptist Memorial Hospital, BMH means Butler Memorial Hospital, BMHM means Bangladesh Mash Harul houq Memorial, BMHS means Brick Memorial High School, BOML means Billy Osceola Memorial Library, CAMR means Colin Archer Memorial Race, CBLM means Colonel Bengt Ljungquist Memorial, CFMF means Cape Fear Memorial Foundation, CFMF means Carol Fitzgerald Memorial Fund, CGMM means Canon Garland Memorial Medal, CMBC means Camp Memorial Blood Center, CMMF means Chris Mashburn Memorial Foundation, DCMH means Douglas County Memorial Hospital, DELM means Deidre Eisinger Legacy Memorial, DIMF means Defense Intelligence Memorial Foundation,

AGMLAbbie Greenleaf Memorial Library. AGML
AHMFAlexander Hamilton Memorial Free. AHMF
AMSDAAvondale Memorial Seventh-Day Adventist Church. AMSDA
BBMSCBob Buquor Memorial Star Crest (skydiving award). BBMSC
BDMMBrian Downing Memorial Meet. BDMM
BMHBaptist Memorial Hospital. BMH
BMHButler Memorial Hospital. BMH
BMHMBangladesh Mash Harul houq Memorial. BMHM
BMHSBrick Memorial High School. BMHS
BOMLBilly Osceola Memorial Library. BOML
CAMRColin Archer Memorial Race. CAMR
CBLMColonel Bengt Ljungquist Memorial. CBLM
CFMFCape Fear Memorial Foundation. CFMF
CFMFCarol Fitzgerald Memorial Fund. CFMF
CGMMCanon Garland Memorial Medal. CGMM
CMBCCamp Memorial Blood Center. CMBC
CMMFChris Mashburn Memorial Foundation. CMMF
DCMHDouglas County Memorial Hospital. DCMH
DELMDeidre Eisinger Legacy Memorial. DELM
DIMFDefense Intelligence Memorial Foundation. DIMF


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