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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Meteorology. All abbreviations on this page are AA means Academic Alliance, AASE means Airborne Arctic Stratospheric Expedition, AAWO means Association of American Weather Observers, AAWS means Average Annual Wind Speed, AB means Aurora Borealis, ABL means Atmospheric Boundary Layer, ABLE means Atmospheric Boundary Layer Experiment, ACARS means ARINC Communication Addressing and Reporting System, ACCA means Automatic Cloud Cover Assessment, ACES means Altus Cumulus Electrification Study, ACFP means Advanced Computer Flight Plan, ACIA means Arctic Climate Impact Assessment, ACON means Atlantic Coast Observer Network, ACP means Atmospheric Chemistry Program, ACP means Aluminium Composite Panel, ACRF means ARM Climate Research Facility, ACRID means Advanced Climate Research Infrastructure for Data, ACRIM means Active Cavity Radiometer Irradiance Monitor, ACRP means Atmospheric Composition Research Program, ACRS means Astrographic Catalog Reference Stars,

AAAcademic Alliance. AA
AASEAirborne Arctic Stratospheric Expedition. AASE
AAWOAssociation of American Weather Observers. AAWO
AAWSAverage Annual Wind Speed. AAWS
ABAurora Borealis. AB
ABLAtmospheric Boundary Layer. ABL
ABLEAtmospheric Boundary Layer Experiment. ABLE
ACARSARINC Communication Addressing and Reporting System. ACARS
ACCAAutomatic Cloud Cover Assessment. ACCA
ACESAltus Cumulus Electrification Study. ACES
ACFPAdvanced Computer Flight Plan. ACFP
ACIAArctic Climate Impact Assessment. ACIA
ACONAtlantic Coast Observer Network. ACON
ACPAtmospheric Chemistry Program. ACP
ACPAluminium Composite Panel. ACP
ACRFARM Climate Research Facility. ACRF
ACRIDAdvanced Climate Research Infrastructure for Data. ACRID
ACRIMActive Cavity Radiometer Irradiance Monitor. ACRIM
ACRPAtmospheric Composition Research Program. ACRP
ACRSAstrographic Catalog Reference Stars. ACRS


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