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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym MIME Types. All abbreviations on this page are .AI means application/postscript, .AIF means audio/x-aiff, .AIFC means audio/x-aiff, .AIFF means audio/x-aiff, .ASC means text/plain, .AU means audio/basic, .AVI means video/x-msvideo, .BCPIO means application/x-bcpio, .BIN means application/octet-stream, .C means text/plain, .CC means text/plain, .CCAD means application/clariscad, .CDF means application/x-netcdf, .CLASS means application/octet-stream, .CPIO means application/x-cpio, .CPT means application/mac-compactpro, .CSH means application/x-csh, .CSS means text/css, .DCR means application/x-director, .DIR means application/x-director,

.AIapplication/postscript. .AI
.AIFaudio/x-aiff. .AIF
.AIFCaudio/x-aiff. .AIFC
.AIFFaudio/x-aiff. .AIFF
.ASCtext/plain. .ASC
.AUaudio/basic. .AU
.AVIvideo/x-msvideo. .AVI
.BCPIOapplication/x-bcpio. .BCPIO
.BINapplication/octet-stream. .BIN
.Ctext/plain. .C
.CCtext/plain. .CC
.CCADapplication/clariscad. .CCAD
.CDFapplication/x-netcdf. .CDF
.CLASSapplication/octet-stream. .CLASS
.CPIOapplication/x-cpio. .CPIO
.CPTapplication/mac-compactpro. .CPT
.CSHapplication/x-csh. .CSH
.CSStext/css. .CSS
.DCRapplication/x-director. .DCR
.DIRapplication/x-director. .DIR


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