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2944 Abbreviations & Definitions of Acronyms Miscellaneous in category Miscellaneous

Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Miscellaneous. All abbreviations on this page are #WW means Number/Worldwide:, & means ampersand, &C means Et cetera, &c means et cetera (Latin), + means More, ...” means Second (Plane Angle), 03 means 2003, 100L means 100 Letters, 10K means 10,000, 150K means One hundred and fifty thousand, 19T means Going to get an alcoholic beverage after a game of golf. The 19th T or the 19th Hole., 1BD means One Big Deal, 1TG means One To Go, 224 means Today, Tomorrow, Forever, 2BS means 2 Beautiful Summers, 2DR means 2 Door, 2IC means Twenty First Century, 2K17 means 2017 (Two Thousand Seventeen), 2K18 means 2018 (Two Thousand Eighteen), 2K19 means 2019 (Two Thousand Nineteen),

#WWNumber/Worldwide:. #WW
&ampersand. &
&CEt cetera. &C
&cet cetera (Latin). &c
+More. +
...”Second (Plane Angle). ...”
032003. 03
100L100 Letters. 100L
10K10,000. 10K
150KOne hundred and fifty thousand. 150K
19TGoing to get an alcoholic beverage after a game of golf. The 19th T or the 19th Hole.. 19T
1BDOne Big Deal. 1BD
1TGOne To Go. 1TG
224Today, Tomorrow, Forever. 224
2BS2 Beautiful Summers. 2BS
2DR2 Door. 2DR
2ICTwenty First Century. 2IC
2K172017 (Two Thousand Seventeen). 2K17
2K182018 (Two Thousand Eighteen). 2K18
2K192019 (Two Thousand Nineteen). 2K19


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