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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Mobile. All abbreviations on this page are 10261 means What is this 10261 on my apps on android, A-GPS means Assisted Global Positioning System, A-GPS means Augmented Global Positioning System, A2P means Application to Person, AGPS means Assisted Global Positioning System, AGPS means Augmented Global Positioning System, AHMF means Advanced Hydrogen Mobile Fueler, AIMER means American Indian Mobile Educational Resources, AMED means Altoona Mobile Emergency Department, AMF means ARM Mobile Facilities, AML means Advanced Mobile Location, AMMR means Autonomous Mobile Manipulator Robot, AMPS means Analog Mobile Phone System, AMPS means American Mobile Phone System, AMPT means Advanced Mobile Propulsion Test, AMSS means Advanced Mobile Subscriber Software, AMTS means Advanced Mobile Telephone System, APPID means Application ID, BANM means Bell Atlantic Nynex Mobile, BCC means Base Station Color Code,

10261What is this 10261 on my apps on android. 10261
A-GPSAssisted Global Positioning System. A-GPS
A-GPSAugmented Global Positioning System. A-GPS
A2PApplication to Person. A2P
AGPSAssisted Global Positioning System. AGPS
AGPSAugmented Global Positioning System. AGPS
AHMFAdvanced Hydrogen Mobile Fueler. AHMF
AIMERAmerican Indian Mobile Educational Resources. AIMER
AMEDAltoona Mobile Emergency Department. AMED
AMFARM Mobile Facilities. AMF
AMLAdvanced Mobile Location. AML
AMMRAutonomous Mobile Manipulator Robot. AMMR
AMPSAnalog Mobile Phone System. AMPS
AMPSAmerican Mobile Phone System. AMPS
AMPTAdvanced Mobile Propulsion Test. AMPT
AMSSAdvanced Mobile Subscriber Software. AMSS
AMTSAdvanced Mobile Telephone System. AMTS
APPIDApplication ID. APPID
BANMBell Atlantic Nynex Mobile. BANM
BCCBase Station Color Code. BCC


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