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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Music. All abbreviations on this page are $$$ means $outh $ide $uicide, 1D means One Direction, 1r means Onerepublic, 2NE1 means New Evolution of the 21st Century, 2Y2K means Too Young To Kill, 2YE means Ying Yang Email., 30S2M means Thirty Seconds to Mars, 30STM means 30 Seconds To Mars, 3D means Third Day, 3DD means 3 Doors Down, 3DG means 3 Days Grace, 3LG means Three Levels of Genius, 3OH!3 means an awesome band from Boulder, Colorado (area code 303) comprised of Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte; genre: alternative/pop/rock, 4PM means For Positive Music, 5G8 means 1960 Fender Twin Amplifier, small-box, low power, 5SOS means 5 Seconds of Summer, 8L3W means 8 Letters 3 Words, 8OD means 80 Decibels, 8VA means Octiva Alta (play an octave higher), 8VB means Octiva Bassa (play an octave lower),

$$$$outh $ide $uicide. $$$
1DOne Direction. 1D
1rOnerepublic. 1r
2NE1New Evolution of the 21st Century. 2NE1
2Y2KToo Young To Kill. 2Y2K
2YEYing Yang Email.. 2YE
30S2MThirty Seconds to Mars. 30S2M
30STM30 Seconds To Mars. 30STM
3DThird Day. 3D
3DD3 Doors Down. 3DD
3DG3 Days Grace. 3DG
3LGThree Levels of Genius. 3LG
3OH!3an awesome band from Boulder, Colorado (area code 303) comprised of Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte; genre: alternative/pop/rock. 3OH!3
4PMFor Positive Music. 4PM
5G81960 Fender Twin Amplifier, small-box, low power. 5G8
5SOS5 Seconds of Summer. 5SOS
8L3W8 Letters 3 Words. 8L3W
8OD80 Decibels. 8OD
8VAOctiva Alta (play an octave higher). 8VA
8VBOctiva Bassa (play an octave lower). 8VB


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