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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Nazi Regime. All abbreviations on this page are 88 means Heil Hitler, AEL means ArbeitserziEhungsLager (Work and educational camp), AGSSt means Armee-Gefangenen-SammelStelle (Location for gathering prisoners of war), BA MA means BundesArchiv MilitärArchiv (German Federal Archives, Military Archives), BATL means Battalion, BDM means Bund Deutscher Mädel, BdO means Befehlshaber der Ordnungspolizei (Commander-in-Chief of Order Police), BdS means Befehlshaber der Sicherheitspolizei und des SD (Commander-in-Chief of Security Police and SD), Bef means BEFehlshaber (Commander-in-Chief), BEFH means BEFehlsHaber (Commander-in-Chief), BETR means Betrifft (Subject), BFH means BeFelsHaber (Commander-in-Chief), BFH d HGR NORD means BeFehlsHaber der HeeresGRuppe Nord (Commander-in-Chief of the Army Group North), BFH d RUCKW HGEB Nord means BeFehlsHaber des RückWärtiges Heeres-GEBiets Nord (Commander-in-Chief of the Rear Area of Army Group North, BRGF means Brigadeführer, BRIG means Brigade, BWCE means British War Crimes Executive, CdSSHA means Chef des SchutzStaffel-HauptAmtes (Head of the SchutzStaffel Main Office), DAF means Deutsche Arbeitsfront, DAP means Deutsche ArbeiterPartei (German Workers' party),

88Heil Hitler. 88
AELArbeitserziEhungsLager (Work and educational camp). AEL
AGSStArmee-Gefangenen-SammelStelle (Location for gathering prisoners of war). AGSSt
BA MABundesArchiv MilitärArchiv (German Federal Archives, Military Archives). BA MA
BATLBattalion. BATL
BDMBund Deutscher Mädel. BDM
BdOBefehlshaber der Ordnungspolizei (Commander-in-Chief of Order Police). BdO
BdSBefehlshaber der Sicherheitspolizei und des SD (Commander-in-Chief of Security Police and SD). BdS
BefBEFehlshaber (Commander-in-Chief). Bef
BEFHBEFehlsHaber (Commander-in-Chief). BEFH
BETRBetrifft (Subject). BETR
BFHBeFelsHaber (Commander-in-Chief). BFH
BFH d HGR NORDBeFehlsHaber der HeeresGRuppe Nord (Commander-in-Chief of the Army Group North). BFH d HGR NORD
BFH d RUCKW HGEB NordBeFehlsHaber des RückWärtiges Heeres-GEBiets Nord (Commander-in-Chief of the Rear Area of Army Group North. BFH d RUCKW HGEB Nord
BRGFBrigadeführer. BRGF
BWCEBritish War Crimes Executive. BWCE
CdSSHAChef des SchutzStaffel-HauptAmtes (Head of the SchutzStaffel Main Office). CdSSHA
DAFDeutsche Arbeitsfront. DAF
DAPDeutsche ArbeiterPartei (German Workers' party). DAP

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Some examples of acronyms are 88, AEL, AGSST, BA MA, BATL, BDM, BDO, BDS, BEF, BEFH.

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