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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Netball. All abbreviations on this page are ADNL means Aylesbury District Netball League, ADNL means Abu Dhabi Netball League, AENA means All England Netball Association, ANF means Asian Netball Federation, ANL means Australian Netball League, AUNC means Adelaide University Netball Club, BCNA means Bankstown City Netball Association, BCNA means Blacktown City Netball Association, BSNA means Bendigo Strathdale Netball Association, BSNC means Blackburn South Netball Club, CDNA means Chelsea District Netball Association, CDNA means Campbelltown District Netball Association, CHNL means Central Highlands Netball League, CSNC means Camberwell South Netball Club, CUNT means Canberra University Netball Team, CUNT means Cambridge University Netball Team, DHNC means Daisy Hill Netball Club, DNA means Delious Netball Amazement, EGNL means East Grinstead Netball League, ERNC means Epping Rugby and Netball Club,

ADNLAylesbury District Netball League. ADNL
ADNLAbu Dhabi Netball League. ADNL
AENAAll England Netball Association. AENA
ANFAsian Netball Federation. ANF
ANLAustralian Netball League. ANL
AUNCAdelaide University Netball Club. AUNC
BCNABankstown City Netball Association. BCNA
BCNABlacktown City Netball Association. BCNA
BSNABendigo Strathdale Netball Association. BSNA
BSNCBlackburn South Netball Club. BSNC
CDNAChelsea District Netball Association. CDNA
CDNACampbelltown District Netball Association. CDNA
CHNLCentral Highlands Netball League. CHNL
CSNCCamberwell South Netball Club. CSNC
CUNTCanberra University Netball Team. CUNT
CUNTCambridge University Netball Team. CUNT
DHNCDaisy Hill Netball Club. DHNC
DNADelious Netball Amazement. DNA
EGNLEast Grinstead Netball League. EGNL
ERNCEpping Rugby and Netball Club. ERNC


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