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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym NFL Teams. All abbreviations on this page are AFC means American Football Conference, AFC means Arsenal Football Club, AFFA means Associated Football Franchises of America, AFL means Arena Football League, AFL means American Football League, AFL means Australian Football League, AFROS means America's Finest Receivers On Sundays, ARI means Arizona Cardinals, ATL means Atlanta Falcons, AVFC means Aston Villa Football Club, AVFC means Arizona Vikings Fan Club, BAC means Baltimore Colts, BAL means Baltimore Ravens, BILLS means Boy, I Love Losing Super Bowls, BKN means Brooklyn Dodgers, BKT means Brooklyn Tigers, BLC means Baltimore Colts, BOS means Boston Patriots, BSR means Boston Redskins, BSY means Boston Yanks,

AFCAmerican Football Conference. AFC
AFCArsenal Football Club. AFC
AFFAAssociated Football Franchises of America. AFFA
AFLArena Football League. AFL
AFLAmerican Football League. AFL
AFLAustralian Football League. AFL
AFROSAmerica's Finest Receivers On Sundays. AFROS
ARIArizona Cardinals. ARI
ATLAtlanta Falcons. ATL
AVFCAston Villa Football Club. AVFC
AVFCArizona Vikings Fan Club. AVFC
BACBaltimore Colts. BAC
BALBaltimore Ravens. BAL
BILLSBoy, I Love Losing Super Bowls. BILLS
BKNBrooklyn Dodgers. BKN
BKTBrooklyn Tigers. BKT
BLCBaltimore Colts. BLC
BOSBoston Patriots. BOS
BSRBoston Redskins. BSR
BSYBoston Yanks. BSY


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