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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Nuclear. All abbreviations on this page are AGNES means Anti Gravity Nuclear Energy Supply, AGNES means Anti Gravity Nuclear Earth Station, ANA means Auto Nuclear Antibodies, ANA means anti nuclear antibody, ANAL means Aft Nuclear Accident Locker, ANF means Atlantic Nuclear Force, ANMR means Acoustic Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, ANNT means Anti nuclear Northern Territory, ANO means Arkansas Nuclear One, ANPC means Applied Nuclear Physics Conference, ANPP means Arizona Nuclear Power Project, ANWA means Advanced Nuclear Weapons Alliance, BINCE means Buffered Intercontinental Nuclear Catastrophic Event, BINP means Battelle Integrity of Nuclear Piping, BNFP means Barnwell Nuclear Fuel Plant, BNIB means Basic Nuclear Industry Behaviours, BNMS means British Nuclear Medicine Society, BNPP means Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, BNPP means Barakah Nuclear Power Plant, BUNT means British Underground Nuclear Test,

AGNESAnti Gravity Nuclear Energy Supply. AGNES
AGNESAnti Gravity Nuclear Earth Station. AGNES
ANAAuto Nuclear Antibodies. ANA
ANAanti nuclear antibody. ANA
ANALAft Nuclear Accident Locker. ANAL
ANFAtlantic Nuclear Force. ANF
ANMRAcoustic Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. ANMR
ANNTAnti nuclear Northern Territory. ANNT
ANOArkansas Nuclear One. ANO
ANPCApplied Nuclear Physics Conference. ANPC
ANPPArizona Nuclear Power Project. ANPP
ANWAAdvanced Nuclear Weapons Alliance. ANWA
BINCEBuffered Intercontinental Nuclear Catastrophic Event. BINCE
BINPBattelle Integrity of Nuclear Piping. BINP
BNFPBarnwell Nuclear Fuel Plant. BNFP
BNIBBasic Nuclear Industry Behaviours. BNIB
BNMSBritish Nuclear Medicine Society. BNMS
BNPPBataan Nuclear Power Plant. BNPP
BNPPBarakah Nuclear Power Plant. BNPP
BUNTBritish Underground Nuclear Test. BUNT


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