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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym NYSE Symbols. All abbreviations on this page are A means Agilent Technologies, AA means Alcoa, Inc., AAC means Arcadia Financial, LTD, AAE means AMDOCS Automatic Commercial Exchange, AAF means ABN Amro Funds, AAG means American Annuity Group, Inc., AAG PT means American Annuity Group Capital Trust, AAI means Airtran Holdings, Inc., AAM means AAMES Financial Corporation, AAP means Advance Auto Parts, Inc., AAR means A M R Corporation, AAS means Amerisource Health Corporation, AAT means All American Term Trust, Inc., ABB means Abb, LTD., ABBV means AbbVie Inc, ABC means AmerisourceBergen Corporation, ABC means American Broadcasting Companies, Inc., ABF means Airborne Freight Corporation, ABG means Asbury Automotive Group, Inc., ABI means Applera Corporation - Applied Biosystems Group,

AAgilent Technologies. A
AAAlcoa, Inc.. AA
AACArcadia Financial, LTD. AAC
AAEAMDOCS Automatic Commercial Exchange. AAE
AAFABN Amro Funds. AAF
AAGAmerican Annuity Group, Inc.. AAG
AAG PTAmerican Annuity Group Capital Trust. AAG PT
AAIAirtran Holdings, Inc.. AAI
AAMAAMES Financial Corporation. AAM
AAPAdvance Auto Parts, Inc.. AAP
AARA M R Corporation. AAR
AASAmerisource Health Corporation. AAS
AATAll American Term Trust, Inc.. AAT
ABCAmerisourceBergen Corporation. ABC
ABCAmerican Broadcasting Companies, Inc.. ABC
ABFAirborne Freight Corporation. ABF
ABGAsbury Automotive Group, Inc.. ABG
ABIApplera Corporation - Applied Biosystems Group. ABI


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