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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Observatories. All abbreviations on this page are AO means Astronomical Observatory, ATTO means Amazon Tall Tower Observatory, ATTO means Amazonian Tall Tower Observatory, bet means between, CRBO means Costa Rica Bird Observatories, CVO means Canadian Virtual Observatory, DHO means Dublin Housing Observatory, EMO means Elk Mountain Observatory, EON means Energy Observatory Network, GHANA means WARRIOR KING, GODO means Giovale Open Deck Observatory, GROWTH means Global Relay of Observatories Watching Transients, GUO means Global Urban Observatory, HAO means High-Altitude Observatory, JUNO means Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory, LCO means Las Cumbres Observatory, LIGO means Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, LLO means Ligo Livingston Observatory, MAO means Main Astronomical Observatory, MIPO means Mediterranean Investment Project Observatory,

AOAstronomical Observatory. AO
ATTOAmazon Tall Tower Observatory. ATTO
ATTOAmazonian Tall Tower Observatory. ATTO
betbetween. bet
CRBOCosta Rica Bird Observatories. CRBO
CVOCanadian Virtual Observatory. CVO
DHODublin Housing Observatory. DHO
EMOElk Mountain Observatory. EMO
EONEnergy Observatory Network. EON
GODOGiovale Open Deck Observatory. GODO
GROWTHGlobal Relay of Observatories Watching Transients. GROWTH
GUOGlobal Urban Observatory. GUO
HAOHigh-Altitude Observatory. HAO
JUNOJiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory. JUNO
LCOLas Cumbres Observatory. LCO
LIGOLaser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory. LIGO
LLOLigo Livingston Observatory. LLO
MAOMain Astronomical Observatory. MAO
MIPOMediterranean Investment Project Observatory. MIPO


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