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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Observatories. All abbreviations on this page are 35007 means reverse it and mirror it u will find word "loose" whic means u r a mental., AAAS means American Association in Advancement of Sciences, ACO means ALOHA Cabled Observatory, AHO means African Health Observatory, AO means Astronomical Observatory, AOSO means Advance Orbiting Solar Observatory, ARSO means African Road Safety Observatory, ATTO means Amazon Tall Tower Observatory, ATTO means Amazonian Tall Tower Observatory, BEO means Barrow Environmental Observatory, bet means between, COH means Canadian Observatory on Homelessness, CRBO means Costa Rica Bird Observatories, CREDO means Cosmic Ray Extremely Distributed Observatory, CVO means Canadian Virtual Observatory, DFSO means Digital Financial Services Observatory, DHO means Dublin Housing Observatory, DOAO means Deokheung Optical Astronomy Observatory, EDO means European Drought Observatory, EITO means European Information Technology Observatory,

35007reverse it and mirror it u will find word "loose" whic means u r a mental.. 35007
AAASAmerican Association in Advancement of Sciences. AAAS
ACOALOHA Cabled Observatory. ACO
AHOAfrican Health Observatory. AHO
AOAstronomical Observatory. AO
AOSOAdvance Orbiting Solar Observatory. AOSO
ARSOAfrican Road Safety Observatory. ARSO
ATTOAmazon Tall Tower Observatory. ATTO
ATTOAmazonian Tall Tower Observatory. ATTO
BEOBarrow Environmental Observatory. BEO
betbetween. bet
COHCanadian Observatory on Homelessness. COH
CRBOCosta Rica Bird Observatories. CRBO
CREDOCosmic Ray Extremely Distributed Observatory. CREDO
CVOCanadian Virtual Observatory. CVO
DFSODigital Financial Services Observatory. DFSO
DHODublin Housing Observatory. DHO
DOAODeokheung Optical Astronomy Observatory. DOAO
EDOEuropean Drought Observatory. EDO
EITOEuropean Information Technology Observatory. EITO


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