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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Ocean Science. All abbreviations on this page are 4DDA means Four-Dimensional Data Assimilation, A&P means Analysis and Prediction, A/OGCM means Coupled Atmosphere/Ocean General Circulation Model, AA means Assistant Administrator, AAAG means Atlantic Arc Aquaculture Group, AAAS means American Association for the Advancement of Science, AABW means AntArctic Bottom Water, AAIW means AntArctic Intermediate Water, AAM means Atmospheric Angular Momentum, AAOE means Airborne Antarctic Ozone Experiment, AAOT means Acqua Alta Oceanographic Tower, AAPB means Aerobic Anoxyenic Phototrophic Bacteria, AARC means Arctic Antarctic Research Center, AARI means Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, AARS means Automated Aircraft Reporting System, AAS means American Astrophysical Society, AAS means Advanced Automation System, AASE means Airborne Arctic Stratospheric Expedition, AASR means Annual Aquaculture Statistical Report, AB means Asymmetric Balance,

4DDAFour-Dimensional Data Assimilation. 4DDA
A&PAnalysis and Prediction. A&P
A/OGCMCoupled Atmosphere/Ocean General Circulation Model. A/OGCM
AAAssistant Administrator. AA
AAAGAtlantic Arc Aquaculture Group. AAAG
AAASAmerican Association for the Advancement of Science. AAAS
AABWAntArctic Bottom Water. AABW
AAIWAntArctic Intermediate Water. AAIW
AAMAtmospheric Angular Momentum. AAM
AAOEAirborne Antarctic Ozone Experiment. AAOE
AAOTAcqua Alta Oceanographic Tower. AAOT
AAPBAerobic Anoxyenic Phototrophic Bacteria. AAPB
AARCArctic Antarctic Research Center. AARC
AARIArctic and Antarctic Research Institute. AARI
AARSAutomated Aircraft Reporting System. AARS
AASAmerican Astrophysical Society. AAS
AASAdvanced Automation System. AAS
AASEAirborne Arctic Stratospheric Expedition. AASE
AASRAnnual Aquaculture Statistical Report. AASR
ABAsymmetric Balance. AB


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