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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Pediatric. All abbreviations on this page are 6MWT means Six Minute Walk Test, AAAP means Association of Administrators in Academic Pediatrics, ABP means American Board of Paediatrics, ACHIPPP means Association of Child Psychologists in Private Practice, ACOP means American College of Osteopathic Pediatricians, ACPN means Asian Congress of Pediatric Nephrology, ACTS means Acute Care Transport Service, ADD means Attention Deficit Disorders, ADI means Autism Diagnostic Interview, ADOS means Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, ADVD means Attention Deficit Violent Disorder, AECU means Ambulatory Emergency Care Unit, AFAB means Assigned Female At Birth, AHS means Alien hand syndrome, AIPD means Associates in Pediatric Dentistry, ALD means Ad Lib Demand, ALPS means Autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome, AMAB means Assigned Male At Birth, AOA means Ataxia with oculomotor apraxia, AOBP means American Osteopathic Board of Pediatrics,

6MWTSix Minute Walk Test. 6MWT
AAAPAssociation of Administrators in Academic Pediatrics. AAAP
ABPAmerican Board of Paediatrics. ABP
ACHIPPPAssociation of Child Psychologists in Private Practice. ACHIPPP
ACOPAmerican College of Osteopathic Pediatricians. ACOP
ACPNAsian Congress of Pediatric Nephrology. ACPN
ACTSAcute Care Transport Service. ACTS
ADDAttention Deficit Disorders. ADD
ADIAutism Diagnostic Interview. ADI
ADOSAutism Diagnostic Observation Schedule. ADOS
ADVDAttention Deficit Violent Disorder. ADVD
AECUAmbulatory Emergency Care Unit. AECU
AFABAssigned Female At Birth. AFAB
AHSAlien hand syndrome. AHS
AIPDAssociates in Pediatric Dentistry. AIPD
ALDAd Lib Demand. ALD
ALPSAutoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome. ALPS
AMABAssigned Male At Birth. AMAB
AOAAtaxia with oculomotor apraxia. AOA
AOBPAmerican Osteopathic Board of Pediatrics. AOBP

Some Questions about acronyms:

What is an acronym?

An acronym is a word or phrase made up of the first letters of a series of words, with the first letter of each word capitalized.

What are some examples of acronyms in "Pediatric"?

Some examples of acronyms are 6MWT, AAAP, ABP, ACHIPPP, ACOP, ACPN, ACTS, ADD, ADI, ADOS.

How are acronyms created?

Acronyms are created by taking the first letter of each word in a phrase and combining them to spell a word (for example, the acronym "radar" is created from the phrase "radio detecting and ranging").

How are acronyms different from initialism?

Acronyms are different from initialism in that they are pronounced as words. For example, AIDS is an acronym for acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

What is the difference between an acronym and an abbreviation?

An acronym is an abbreviation that is pronounced as a word, such as NASA. An abbreviation is a shortened form of a word, such as Mr. for Mister.

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