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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Performing Arts. All abbreviations on this page are 0FDMA means Original Founder Drum Majors America, 7D means 7 Dimension, A means Act, A&A means Amos and Andy, A&E means arts and entertainment, A&HCI means Arts and Humanities Citation Index, A1 means Sound designer, AA means Artistic Aerobatics, AA means Alcoholic Acting, AAAC means Asian American Artists Collective, AAAC means Asian American Arts Centre, AAAC means Asheville Area Arts Council, AAAI means Art, Artists, Audiences, and Intimacy, AAAT means Art Along the Avenue of Technology, AAB means American Academy of Ballet, AABC means Associated Artists of Butler County, AACA means Authentic Artifact Collectors Association, AACG means African American Cinema Gallery, AACG means Afro Art Cyber Gallery, AACG means Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass,

0FDMAOriginal Founder Drum Majors America. 0FDMA
7D7 Dimension. 7D
AAct. A
A&AAmos and Andy. A&A
A&Earts and entertainment. A&E
A&HCIArts and Humanities Citation Index. A&HCI
A1Sound designer. A1
AAArtistic Aerobatics. AA
AAAlcoholic Acting. AA
AAACAsian American Artists Collective. AAAC
AAACAsian American Arts Centre. AAAC
AAACAsheville Area Arts Council. AAAC
AAAIArt, Artists, Audiences, and Intimacy. AAAI
AAATArt Along the Avenue of Technology. AAAT
AABAmerican Academy of Ballet. AAB
AABCAssociated Artists of Butler County. AABC
AACAAuthentic Artifact Collectors Association. AACA
AACGAfrican American Cinema Gallery. AACG
AACGAfro Art Cyber Gallery. AACG
AACGArt Alliance for Contemporary Glass. AACG


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