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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Telephone Country Codes. All abbreviations on this page are 021 means Karachi City Code, 20 means Egypt, 212 means Morocco, 212 means Venezuela area code, 213 means Algeria, 216 means Tunisia, 218 means Libya, 221 means Senegal, 225 means Ivory Coast, 229 means Benin, 231 means Liberia, 233 means Ghana, 234 means Nigeria, 236 means Central African Republic, 237 means Cameroon, 242 means Congo, 243 means Zaire, 244 means Angola, 251 means Ethiopia, 254 means Kenya,

021Karachi City Code. 021
20Egypt. 20
212Morocco. 212
212Venezuela area code. 212
213Algeria. 213
216Tunisia. 216
218Libya. 218
221Senegal. 221
225Ivory Coast. 225
229Benin. 229
231Liberia. 231
233Ghana. 233
234Nigeria. 234
236Central African Republic. 236
237Cameroon. 237
242Congo. 242
243Zaire. 243
244Angola. 244
251Ethiopia. 251
254Kenya. 254


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