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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Physics. All abbreviations on this page are 0D means 0-Dimensional, 19F means Fluorine-19, 1D means One-Dimensional, 1PI means One Particle Irreducible, 2-D means Two Dimensional, 2B1Q means Two Binary One Quaternary, 2D WAXD means Two-Dimensional Wide-Angle X-ray Diffraction, 2DEG means Two-Dimensional Electron Gas, 2DHG means Two-Dimensional Hole Gas, 2LOT means 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, 2PE means Two-Photon Excitation, 2PH TDF means Two-Particle-Hole Tamm-Dancoff Approximation, 2PPE means Two Photon PhotoEmission, 3D means Three Dimensional, 3DFFM means Three-Dimensional Fourier Filtering Method, 3DSSPP means Three-Dimensional Static Strength Prediction Program, 3DWBA means Three-body Distorted-Wave Born Approximation, 3PE means Three-Photon Excitation, 4DB means Fourth Dimensional Bobble, 4THD means Fourth Dimension,

0D0-Dimensional. 0D
19FFluorine-19. 19F
1DOne-Dimensional. 1D
1PIOne Particle Irreducible. 1PI
2-DTwo Dimensional. 2-D
2B1QTwo Binary One Quaternary. 2B1Q
2D WAXDTwo-Dimensional Wide-Angle X-ray Diffraction. 2D WAXD
2DEGTwo-Dimensional Electron Gas. 2DEG
2DHGTwo-Dimensional Hole Gas. 2DHG
2LOT2nd Law of Thermodynamics. 2LOT
2PETwo-Photon Excitation. 2PE
2PH TDFTwo-Particle-Hole Tamm-Dancoff Approximation. 2PH TDF
2PPETwo Photon PhotoEmission. 2PPE
3DThree Dimensional. 3D
3DFFMThree-Dimensional Fourier Filtering Method. 3DFFM
3DSSPPThree-Dimensional Static Strength Prediction Program. 3DSSPP
3DWBAThree-body Distorted-Wave Born Approximation. 3DWBA
3PEThree-Photon Excitation. 3PE
4DBFourth Dimensional Bobble. 4DB
4THDFourth Dimension. 4THD


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