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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Physiology. All abbreviations on this page are ZN UNDEC means Zinc Undecylenate, ZN2+ means Intracellularfree Zinc, ZNB means Zinc Bacitracin, ZND means Zinc- Depleted, ZnFF means Zinc Fume Fever, ZNS means Zonisamide, ZO-1 means Zonula Occludens, ZOP means OPsonized Zymosan, ZOS means Zelgadis Obsession Syndrome, ZP means Zona Pellucida, ZPD means Zone of Proximal Development, ZPDT means Zona Pellucida Dissolution Time, ZPH means Zona Pellucida Hardening, ZSS means Zellweger syndrome spectrum, ZUC means ZUClomiphene, ZVA means Zaxxon Virile Action,

ZN UNDECZinc Undecylenate. ZN UNDEC
ZN2+Intracellularfree Zinc. ZN2+
ZNBZinc Bacitracin. ZNB
ZNDZinc- Depleted. ZND
ZnFFZinc Fume Fever. ZnFF
ZNSZonisamide. ZNS
ZO-1Zonula Occludens. ZO-1
ZOPOPsonized Zymosan. ZOP
ZOSZelgadis Obsession Syndrome. ZOS
ZPZona Pellucida. ZP
ZPDZone of Proximal Development. ZPD
ZPDTZona Pellucida Dissolution Time. ZPDT
ZPHZona Pellucida Hardening. ZPH
ZSSZellweger syndrome spectrum. ZSS
ZUCZUClomiphene. ZUC
ZVAZaxxon Virile Action. ZVA


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