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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Physiology. All abbreviations on this page are YNA means York Neurosurgical Associates, P. C., YNC means Young Neurosurgeons Committee, YNF means Young Neurosurgeons Forum, YNS means Yellow Nail Syndrome, YNT means European association of Young Neurologist and Trainees, YNV means Yellowstone National Park Virus, YO means Years old, YOB means Year Of Birth, YOL means Years Of Life, YPS means Young Physician Section, YRO means Year- Round Operations, YSM means Yale University School of Medicine, YSN means Yale School of Nursing, YSQ means Young Schema Questionnaire, YSR means Yeast Sphingosine Resistance, YTS means Youth Tobacco Survey, YWH means Young Women's Health, YWI means Young Women's Initiative, ZAP means Zeer Actieve Psychologie, ZB means Zero Balancing,

YNAYork Neurosurgical Associates, P. C.. YNA
YNCYoung Neurosurgeons Committee. YNC
YNFYoung Neurosurgeons Forum. YNF
YNSYellow Nail Syndrome. YNS
YNTEuropean association of Young Neurologist and Trainees. YNT
YNVYellowstone National Park Virus. YNV
YOYears old. YO
YOBYear Of Birth. YOB
YOLYears Of Life. YOL
YPSYoung Physician Section. YPS
YROYear- Round Operations. YRO
YSMYale University School of Medicine. YSM
YSNYale School of Nursing. YSN
YSQYoung Schema Questionnaire. YSQ
YSRYeast Sphingosine Resistance. YSR
YTSYouth Tobacco Survey. YTS
YWHYoung Women's Health. YWH
YWIYoung Women's Initiative. YWI
ZAPZeer Actieve Psychologie. ZAP
ZBZero Balancing. ZB


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