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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Planning. All abbreviations on this page are 2CN means Two-Child Norm, 3P means Public-private partnership, AACP means Assam Agricultural Competitiveness Project, ABPB means Activity Based Planning and Budgeting, ACA means Anti-Corruption Agency, ACPC means Annual Club Planning Conference, ACPF means Agriculture Conservation Planning Framework, ACPG means Alpine Community Planning Group, ACPS means Alabama Career Planning System, ACPT means Automated Collection Planning Tool, ACSP means Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning, ACUP means Advisory Committee on University Planning, ADAPT means Adaptation Database and Planning Tool, ADP means Annual Development Programme, ADPIE means Assessment Diagnosis Planning Implementation and Evaluation, ADPIE means Assessment Diagnosis Planning Implementation Evaluation, ADTP means Anthony Daintith Town Planning, AFD means Agence française de développement (in French) French Development Agency, AFIP means Anglian Financial Investment Planning, AFP means Automatic Frequency Planning,

2CNTwo-Child Norm. 2CN
3PPublic-private partnership. 3P
AACPAssam Agricultural Competitiveness Project. AACP
ABPBActivity Based Planning and Budgeting. ABPB
ACAAnti-Corruption Agency. ACA
ACPCAnnual Club Planning Conference. ACPC
ACPFAgriculture Conservation Planning Framework. ACPF
ACPGAlpine Community Planning Group. ACPG
ACPSAlabama Career Planning System. ACPS
ACPTAutomated Collection Planning Tool. ACPT
ACSPAssociation of Collegiate Schools of Planning. ACSP
ACUPAdvisory Committee on University Planning. ACUP
ADAPTAdaptation Database and Planning Tool. ADAPT
ADPAnnual Development Programme. ADP
ADPIEAssessment Diagnosis Planning Implementation and Evaluation. ADPIE
ADPIEAssessment Diagnosis Planning Implementation Evaluation. ADPIE
ADTPAnthony Daintith Town Planning. ADTP
AFDAgence française de développement (in French) French Development Agency. AFD
AFIPAnglian Financial Investment Planning. AFIP
AFPAutomatic Frequency Planning. AFP


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