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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Pregnancy & Parenting. All abbreviations on this page are APEST means Amgen Pregnancy Exposure Safety Team, AWPC means Another Way Pregnancy Center, BIP means Behavioral Insights and Parenting, CDMD means Come Do Me Daddy, CTG means Cardiotocography, DPHR means Digital Pregnancy Health Record, EPF means Early Pregnancy Factor, EPLA means Early Pregnancy Loss Association, EPU means Early Pregnancy Units, ETP means Elective Termination of Pregnancy, FAAM means Female Assigned at Birth, FIF means Fetus In Fetu, GBS means Group B Streptococcus, HIPOS means Hypertension In Pregnancy Offspring Study, HPW means Healthy Pregnant Women, IOL means Induction Of Labour, IPTP means Intermittent Preventive Treatment in Pregnancy, MAPP means Men And Parenting Pathways, MAPP means Massachusetts Approaches to Partnership in Parenting, MCAPP means Mobile Criteria for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention,

APESTAmgen Pregnancy Exposure Safety Team. APEST
AWPCAnother Way Pregnancy Center. AWPC
BIPBehavioral Insights and Parenting. BIP
CDMDCome Do Me Daddy. CDMD
CTGCardiotocography. CTG
DPHRDigital Pregnancy Health Record. DPHR
EPFEarly Pregnancy Factor. EPF
EPLAEarly Pregnancy Loss Association. EPLA
EPUEarly Pregnancy Units. EPU
ETPElective Termination of Pregnancy. ETP
FAAMFemale Assigned at Birth. FAAM
FIFFetus In Fetu. FIF
GBSGroup B Streptococcus. GBS
HIPOSHypertension In Pregnancy Offspring Study. HIPOS
HPWHealthy Pregnant Women. HPW
IOLInduction Of Labour. IOL
IPTPIntermittent Preventive Treatment in Pregnancy. IPTP
MAPPMen And Parenting Pathways. MAPP
MAPPMassachusetts Approaches to Partnership in Parenting. MAPP
MCAPPMobile Criteria for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention. MCAPP


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