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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Prescription. All abbreviations on this page are 1/12 means 1 Month, 1/2NS means half normal saline (0.45%), 1/52 means 1 Week, 1/7 means One Day, 10d means ten day, 30d means thirty day, 4HRX means Four Hour Prescription, 90d means ninety day, A means Agar, a means before (from Latin ante), A.C. means Ante Cibum (before meals), A.C. means after food (ante cibum) [Lat.], A.M. means Ante Meridiem (take before noon), AA means Amino Acid, AA means Of each (Ana), aa means equal quantities of each ingredient, AAA means Apply to Affected Area, AAAD,KJA means An Apple A Day, Keeps Jen Away, ABVD means Adriamycin, Bleomycin, Vinblatine and Dacarbazine, ACD (solution) means citric acid, sodium citrate & dextrose,

1/121 Month. 1/12
1/2NShalf normal saline (0.45%). 1/2NS
1/521 Week. 1/52
1/7One Day. 1/7
10dten day. 10d
30dthirty day. 30d
4HRXFour Hour Prescription. 4HRX
90dninety day. 90d
AAgar. A
abefore (from Latin ante). a
A.C.Ante Cibum (before meals). A.C.
A.C.after food (ante cibum) [Lat.]. A.C.
A.M.Ante Meridiem (take before noon). A.M.
AAAmino Acid. AA
AAOf each (Ana). AA
aaequal quantities of each ingredient. aa
AAAApply to Affected Area. AAA
AAAD,KJAAn Apple A Day, Keeps Jen Away. AAAD,KJA
ABVDAdriamycin, Bleomycin, Vinblatine and Dacarbazine. ABVD
ACD (solution)citric acid, sodium citrate & dextrose. ACD (solution)


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