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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Prevention. All abbreviations on this page are AAPC means Aviation Accident Prevention Course, ABPA means American Backflow Prevention Association, ADAPT means Agisanang Domestic Abuse Prevention and Training, ADLP means Adaptive Data Loss Prevention, AEAP means AIDS Education And Prevention, AECPA means Anticompetitive Exclusionary Conduct Prevention Act, AEMT means At Emergency Medical Technician, AFPPS means Aspirin Folate Polyp Prevention Study, AGAP means Awareness Group on AIDS Prevention, AGP means Aerosol Generating Procedure, AIP means Alliance for Inclusion and Prevention, ALPHA means Allies Linked for the Prevention of HIV and AIDS, APCIP means AIDS Prevention Community Investment Program, APF means Assumed Protection Factor, APOP means Association of Pet Obesity Prevention, APPLE means Acknowledge Pause Pull back Let go Explore, APPW means Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Week, APRC means Area Prevention Resource Centers, APT means Alzheimer Prevention Trials, APT means Association for the Prevention of Torture,

AAPCAviation Accident Prevention Course. AAPC
ABPAAmerican Backflow Prevention Association. ABPA
ADAPTAgisanang Domestic Abuse Prevention and Training. ADAPT
ADLPAdaptive Data Loss Prevention. ADLP
AEAPAIDS Education And Prevention. AEAP
AECPAAnticompetitive Exclusionary Conduct Prevention Act. AECPA
AEMTAt Emergency Medical Technician. AEMT
AFPPSAspirin Folate Polyp Prevention Study. AFPPS
AGAPAwareness Group on AIDS Prevention. AGAP
AGPAerosol Generating Procedure. AGP
AIPAlliance for Inclusion and Prevention. AIP
ALPHAAllies Linked for the Prevention of HIV and AIDS. ALPHA
APCIPAIDS Prevention Community Investment Program. APCIP
APFAssumed Protection Factor. APF
APOPAssociation of Pet Obesity Prevention. APOP
APPLEAcknowledge Pause Pull back Let go Explore. APPLE
APPWAdolescent Pregnancy Prevention Week. APPW
APRCArea Prevention Resource Centers. APRC
APTAlzheimer Prevention Trials. APT
APTAssociation for the Prevention of Torture. APT


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