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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Prevention. All abbreviations on this page are AAPC means Aviation Accident Prevention Course, ADAPT means Agisanang Domestic Abuse Prevention and Training, ADLP means Adaptive Data Loss Prevention, AEAP means AIDS Education And Prevention, AFPPS means Aspirin Folate Polyp Prevention Study, AGAP means Awareness Group on AIDS Prevention, AIP means Alliance for Inclusion and Prevention, APPLE means Acknowledge Pause Pull back Let go Explore, APRC means Area Prevention Resource Centers, ASAPP means Adolescent Sexual Assault Prevention Program, ASAPP means Adolescent Sexual Abuse Prevention Program, ASAPP means Alcohol Substance Abuse Prevention Project, ASAPP means Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention Project, BAPSA means Bangladesh Association for Prevention of Septic Abortion, BCPB means British Council for Prevention of Blindness, BCPB means British Council for the Prevention of Blindness, BCPE means Bukoba Combination Prevention Evaluation, BCPI means Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, BFE means Bacterial Filtration Efficiency, BILP means Built In Loss Prevention,

AAPCAviation Accident Prevention Course. AAPC
ADAPTAgisanang Domestic Abuse Prevention and Training. ADAPT
ADLPAdaptive Data Loss Prevention. ADLP
AEAPAIDS Education And Prevention. AEAP
AFPPSAspirin Folate Polyp Prevention Study. AFPPS
AGAPAwareness Group on AIDS Prevention. AGAP
AIPAlliance for Inclusion and Prevention. AIP
APPLEAcknowledge Pause Pull back Let go Explore. APPLE
APRCArea Prevention Resource Centers. APRC
ASAPPAdolescent Sexual Assault Prevention Program. ASAPP
ASAPPAdolescent Sexual Abuse Prevention Program. ASAPP
ASAPPAlcohol Substance Abuse Prevention Project. ASAPP
ASAPPAlcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention Project. ASAPP
BAPSABangladesh Association for Prevention of Septic Abortion. BAPSA
BCPBBritish Council for Prevention of Blindness. BCPB
BCPBBritish Council for the Prevention of Blindness. BCPB
BCPEBukoba Combination Prevention Evaluation. BCPE
BCPIBreast Cancer Prevention Institute. BCPI
BFEBacterial Filtration Efficiency. BFE
BILPBuilt In Loss Prevention. BILP


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