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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Quality Assurance & Control. All abbreviations on this page are ASEC means American Standard Educational Council, DGQA means Directorate General Quality Assurance, DYRM means Did You Really Mean?, ETQA means Educational and Training Quality Assurance, GPQC means Global Pro Quality Control, GPQC means Good Practices in Quality Control, HCP means Halal Control Points, ICQA means Integrated Construction Quality Assurance, ICQA means Inventory Counting Quality Assurance, ICQA means Inventory Control Quality Assurance, ILLUMINI means To enlighten or to educate a person who lacks the knowledge to create a pathway for greatness., IPQA means Its in Process Quality Assurance, IQA means Independent Quality Assurance, MQC means Microbiological Quality Control, MQC means Material Quality Control, MQC means Master Quality Control, MSTQ means Metrology Standardization Testing Quality, MSTQ means Metrology, Standards, Testing, and Quality, NQAS means National Quality Assurance Standards, OQA means Operations Quality Assurance,

ASECAmerican Standard Educational Council. ASEC
DGQADirectorate General Quality Assurance. DGQA
DYRMDid You Really Mean?. DYRM
ETQAEducational and Training Quality Assurance. ETQA
GPQCGlobal Pro Quality Control. GPQC
GPQCGood Practices in Quality Control. GPQC
HCPHalal Control Points. HCP
ICQAIntegrated Construction Quality Assurance. ICQA
ICQAInventory Counting Quality Assurance. ICQA
ICQAInventory Control Quality Assurance. ICQA
ILLUMINITo enlighten or to educate a person who lacks the knowledge to create a pathway for greatness.. ILLUMINI
IPQAIts in Process Quality Assurance. IPQA
IQAIndependent Quality Assurance. IQA
MQCMicrobiological Quality Control. MQC
MQCMaterial Quality Control. MQC
MQCMaster Quality Control. MQC
MSTQMetrology Standardization Testing Quality. MSTQ
MSTQMetrology, Standards, Testing, and Quality. MSTQ
NQASNational Quality Assurance Standards. NQAS
OQAOperations Quality Assurance. OQA


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