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124 Abbreviations & Definitions of Acronyms Quality Assurance & Control in category Miscellaneous

Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Quality Assurance & Control. All abbreviations on this page are AQCS means Analytical Quality Control Services, ASEC means American Standard Educational Council, BIUB means Best If Used By Date, BOBT means Bearer Of Bad Tidings, COQ means Cost Of Quality, CPAC means Collaborative Pesticides Analytical Committee, CPAC means Consumer Protection Advisory Committee, CPBH means Canadians for Properly Built Homes, CQA means Clinical Quality Assurance, CQA means Customer Quality Assurance, CQA means Construction Quality Assurance, DGQA means Directorate General Quality Assurance, DMQA means Data Management and Quality Assurance, DMQA means Discharge Monitoring Quality Assurance, DMQA means Division of Medical Quality Assurance, DYRM means Did You Really Mean?, EQAS means External Quality Assurance Scheme, EQCR means External Quality Control Review, EQCR means Engagement Quality Control Reviewer, EQCR means Engagement Quality Control Reviews,

AQCSAnalytical Quality Control Services. AQCS
ASECAmerican Standard Educational Council. ASEC
BIUBBest If Used By Date. BIUB
BOBTBearer Of Bad Tidings. BOBT
COQCost Of Quality. COQ
CPACCollaborative Pesticides Analytical Committee. CPAC
CPACConsumer Protection Advisory Committee. CPAC
CPBHCanadians for Properly Built Homes. CPBH
CQAClinical Quality Assurance. CQA
CQACustomer Quality Assurance. CQA
CQAConstruction Quality Assurance. CQA
DGQADirectorate General Quality Assurance. DGQA
DMQAData Management and Quality Assurance. DMQA
DMQADischarge Monitoring Quality Assurance. DMQA
DMQADivision of Medical Quality Assurance. DMQA
DYRMDid You Really Mean?. DYRM
EQASExternal Quality Assurance Scheme. EQAS
EQCRExternal Quality Control Review. EQCR
EQCREngagement Quality Control Reviewer. EQCR
EQCREngagement Quality Control Reviews. EQCR


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