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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Radio Stations. All abbreviations on this page are #MDMS means Million Dollar Mindset, 1230 means 1230 AM The Buzz (not an acronym), 2CA means 1053 kHz AM, DAB+, Canberra - Australia, 2CC means 1206 kHz AM, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, 3E means 3 Entertainment, 3WC means WWWC, AM-1240, Wilkesboro, North Carolina, 3WZ means WZWW, FM-95.3, State College, Pennsylvania, 55KRC means WKRC-AM, AM-550, Cincinnati, Ohio, 6IX means Forever Classic 6iX is historically one of the earlier radio stations in Perth, Western Australia, AFRO means Anthony Fez Ron And Opie, AFRTS means Armed Forces Radio and Television Service, AIR means All India Radio, AIR means Art International Radio, AM means Amplitude Modulation, AMD means Automatic Message Display, AMRAP means The Australian Music Radio Airplay Project, ARES means Amateur Radio Emergency Service, ARO means Amateur Radio Operator, ARRL means American Radio Relay League, ARS means Audience Response System,

#MDMSMillion Dollar Mindset. #MDMS
12301230 AM The Buzz (not an acronym). 1230
2CA1053 kHz AM, DAB+, Canberra - Australia. 2CA
2CC1206 kHz AM, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. 2CC
3E3 Entertainment. 3E
3WCWWWC, AM-1240, Wilkesboro, North Carolina. 3WC
3WZWZWW, FM-95.3, State College, Pennsylvania. 3WZ
55KRCWKRC-AM, AM-550, Cincinnati, Ohio. 55KRC
6IXForever Classic 6iX is historically one of the earlier radio stations in Perth, Western Australia. 6IX
AFROAnthony Fez Ron And Opie. AFRO
AFRTSArmed Forces Radio and Television Service. AFRTS
AIRAll India Radio. AIR
AIRArt International Radio. AIR
AMAmplitude Modulation. AM
AMDAutomatic Message Display. AMD
AMRAPThe Australian Music Radio Airplay Project. AMRAP
ARESAmateur Radio Emergency Service. ARES
AROAmateur Radio Operator. ARO
ARRLAmerican Radio Relay League. ARRL
ARSAudience Response System. ARS


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