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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Railroads. All abbreviations on this page are A means Alton Railroad, AA means Ann Arbor Railroad, AAAX means AAA Warehouse Corporation (Shell Oil), AACX means Alaska Division of Agriculture, AADX means Airco Alloys and Carbide, AAEX means American Aniline and Extract, AAIX means ACS International Inc, AAKX means Amulco Asphalt, AALX means Advanced Aromatics, LP, AAMX means ACFA Arrendadora de Carros de Ferrocarril S. A., AAMX means ACF Industries Shippers Car Line Division, AAR means Association of American Railroads, AAR means American Association of Railroaders, AAR means American Association of Railroads, AARS means American Association of Railroad Superintendents, AARX means Association of American Railroads, AATX means Ampacet Corporation, AAX means American Agricultural Chemical (Agrico Chemical), AB means Akron Barberton Cluster Railway Company, AB means Akron Barberton Cluster Railway,

AAlton Railroad. A
AAAnn Arbor Railroad. AA
AAAXAAA Warehouse Corporation (Shell Oil). AAAX
AACXAlaska Division of Agriculture. AACX
AADXAirco Alloys and Carbide. AADX
AAEXAmerican Aniline and Extract. AAEX
AAIXACS International Inc. AAIX
AAKXAmulco Asphalt. AAKX
AALXAdvanced Aromatics, LP. AALX
AAMXACFA Arrendadora de Carros de Ferrocarril S. A.. AAMX
AAMXACF Industries Shippers Car Line Division. AAMX
AARAssociation of American Railroads. AAR
AARAmerican Association of Railroaders. AAR
AARAmerican Association of Railroads. AAR
AARSAmerican Association of Railroad Superintendents. AARS
AARXAssociation of American Railroads. AARX
AATXAmpacet Corporation. AATX
AAXAmerican Agricultural Chemical (Agrico Chemical). AAX
ABAkron Barberton Cluster Railway Company. AB
ABAkron Barberton Cluster Railway. AB


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