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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Regional. All abbreviations on this page are #SC means Southern California, 1942 means World War II, 223 means East-West US 223 (not an acronym), 3 E'S means (Of Sustainability) Environmental Ethical Economic, 4C means Four Corners (AZ, CO, NM, UT), 68212 means Postal code for Moernach, France, AA means Aquele Abraco, AA means Accountant-administratieconsulent (Netherlands), AAAI means Advertising Agencies Association of India, AADP means Association of Applying and Developing Pharmacy, AAFA means Association of Accountants, Financial Workers and Auditors, AAG means Galatasaray Sports Club, AAGS means Asia Association for Global Studies, AAIP means Afghanistan Agricultural Inputs Project, AAOI means Architects' Alliance of Ireland, AARL means Addis Ababa Regional Laboratory, AARM means ASEAN Armies Rifle Meet, AASDA means Asante Akim South District Assembly, AASF means Alcoholics Anonymous San Francisco, AATWIN means Alliance Against Trafficking of Women and girls In Nepal,

#SCSouthern California. #SC
1942World War II. 1942
223East-West US 223 (not an acronym). 223
3 E'S(Of Sustainability) Environmental Ethical Economic. 3 E'S
4CFour Corners (AZ, CO, NM, UT). 4C
68212Postal code for Moernach, France. 68212
AAAquele Abraco. AA
AAAccountant-administratieconsulent (Netherlands). AA
AAAIAdvertising Agencies Association of India. AAAI
AADPAssociation of Applying and Developing Pharmacy. AADP
AAFAAssociation of Accountants, Financial Workers and Auditors. AAFA
AAGGalatasaray Sports Club. AAG
AAGSAsia Association for Global Studies. AAGS
AAIPAfghanistan Agricultural Inputs Project. AAIP
AAOIArchitects' Alliance of Ireland. AAOI
AARLAddis Ababa Regional Laboratory. AARL
AARMASEAN Armies Rifle Meet. AARM
AASDAAsante Akim South District Assembly. AASDA
AASFAlcoholics Anonymous San Francisco. AASF
AATWINAlliance Against Trafficking of Women and girls In Nepal. AATWIN


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