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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Residential. All abbreviations on this page are 1LR means Residential Line, AARO means Association of Americans Resident Overseas, ABCD means Asset-Based Community Development, ACRC means Arapahoe County Residential Center, AIRD means Appraisal Institute Residential Database, AIRPM means Associate of the Institute of Residential Property Management, ALRC means Assisted Living and Residential Care, ALRPS means Assisted Living Resident Profile Survey, AMHR means Advanced Mental Health Resident, AMRP means Alarm Management Resident Process, APRC means Awaiting Placement for Residential Care, APRIL means Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living, APRJC means Andhra Pradesh Residential Junior Colleges, APRJC means A P Residential Junior Colleges, APTWR means Andhra Pradesh Tribal Welfare Residential, AR means Arkansas Resident, ARA means Assistant Resident Advisor, ARC means Artists Residents Chicago, ARCF means Adult Residential Care Facility, ARCH means Area Residents Caring and Helping,

1LRResidential Line. 1LR
AAROAssociation of Americans Resident Overseas. AARO
ABCDAsset-Based Community Development. ABCD
ACRCArapahoe County Residential Center. ACRC
AIRDAppraisal Institute Residential Database. AIRD
AIRPMAssociate of the Institute of Residential Property Management. AIRPM
ALRCAssisted Living and Residential Care. ALRC
ALRPSAssisted Living Resident Profile Survey. ALRPS
AMHRAdvanced Mental Health Resident. AMHR
AMRPAlarm Management Resident Process. AMRP
APRCAwaiting Placement for Residential Care. APRC
APRILAssociation of Programs for Rural Independent Living. APRIL
APRJCAndhra Pradesh Residential Junior Colleges. APRJC
APRJCA P Residential Junior Colleges. APRJC
APTWRAndhra Pradesh Tribal Welfare Residential. APTWR
ARArkansas Resident. AR
ARAAssistant Resident Advisor. ARA
ARCArtists Residents Chicago. ARC
ARCFAdult Residential Care Facility. ARCF
ARCHArea Residents Caring and Helping. ARCH


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