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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Restaurants. All abbreviations on this page are 31 means Baskin-Robbins, 3FE means Third Floor Espresso, ABRH means American Blue Ribbon Holdings, ADR means Advance Dining Reservation, AFOT means American Food Of Times, AHRA means Asean Hotel Restaurant Association, AHRL means Association of Hotels and Restaurants of Latvia, ALDB means Au Lac do Brazil, AOB means Alma's Only Bar, ARGM means Assistant Restaurant General Manager, ARN means Asian Restaurant News, ART means Assumption Restaurant for Training, ASRW means Asheville Sustainable Restaurant Workforce, ATIP means Attributed Tip Income Program, BAR means Bar and Restaurant, BATS means Bar At The Shangri, BBC means Bombay Bicycle Club, BBQ means Barbeque, BBRG means Brio Bravo Restaurant Group, BBRG means Back Bay Restaurant Group,

31Baskin-Robbins. 31
3FEThird Floor Espresso. 3FE
ABRHAmerican Blue Ribbon Holdings. ABRH
ADRAdvance Dining Reservation. ADR
AFOTAmerican Food Of Times. AFOT
AHRAAsean Hotel Restaurant Association. AHRA
AHRLAssociation of Hotels and Restaurants of Latvia. AHRL
ALDBAu Lac do Brazil. ALDB
AOBAlma's Only Bar. AOB
ARGMAssistant Restaurant General Manager. ARGM
ARNAsian Restaurant News. ARN
ARTAssumption Restaurant for Training. ART
ASRWAsheville Sustainable Restaurant Workforce. ASRW
ATIPAttributed Tip Income Program. ATIP
BARBar and Restaurant. BAR
BATSBar At The Shangri. BATS
BBCBombay Bicycle Club. BBC
BBQBarbeque. BBQ
BBRGBrio Bravo Restaurant Group. BBRG
BBRGBack Bay Restaurant Group. BBRG


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