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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Riding. All abbreviations on this page are 10YTC means 10 Year Trail shared stewardship Challenge, AARG means Arizona Adventure Riding Group, AARP means Aged Adults Riding Proud, ABB means American Bucking Bull, ABRS means Authority of British Riding Schools, ACTRA means Atlantic Canada Trail Riding Association, ADA means Alamo Dressage Association, AIR FORCE means Always Into Riding F****ING Overdone Rolling Chairs Everyday., Air Force means As In Reality, Forcing Ourselves into Riding Chairs Eternally, AIRC means Association of Irish Riding Clubs, AJC means Australian Jockey Club, ALRC means Alta Loma Riding Club, AOER means Archers of East Riding, APRA means American Professional Rodeo Association, ASHA means American Saddlebred Horse Association, AT means American Trails, ATHRA means Australian Trail Horse Riders Association, ATRC means American Therapeutic Riding Center, ATRO means Acadiana Therapeutic Riding Organization, AWARE means Always Wanted A Riding Experience,

10YTC10 Year Trail shared stewardship Challenge. 10YTC
AARGArizona Adventure Riding Group. AARG
AARPAged Adults Riding Proud. AARP
ABBAmerican Bucking Bull. ABB
ABRSAuthority of British Riding Schools. ABRS
ACTRAAtlantic Canada Trail Riding Association. ACTRA
ADAAlamo Dressage Association. ADA
AIR FORCEAlways Into Riding F****ING Overdone Rolling Chairs Everyday.. AIR FORCE
Air ForceAs In Reality, Forcing Ourselves into Riding Chairs Eternally. Air Force
AIRCAssociation of Irish Riding Clubs. AIRC
AJCAustralian Jockey Club. AJC
ALRCAlta Loma Riding Club. ALRC
AOERArchers of East Riding. AOER
APRAAmerican Professional Rodeo Association. APRA
ASHAAmerican Saddlebred Horse Association. ASHA
ATAmerican Trails. AT
ATHRAAustralian Trail Horse Riders Association. ATHRA
ATRCAmerican Therapeutic Riding Center. ATRC
ATROAcadiana Therapeutic Riding Organization. ATRO
AWAREAlways Wanted A Riding Experience. AWARE


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