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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Riding. All abbreviations on this page are GGR means Girlz Gone Riding, GHRC means Golden Horseshoe Riding Club, GRA means Girls Riding Association, GRTA means Greenwich Riding and Trails Association, HALTER means Handicapped Athletes Learning To Enjoy Riding, HDRC means Horsham and District Riding Club, HFRS means Houston Farm Riding School, IDTC means International Dressage Trainers Club, IRH means International Riding Helmets, ISSRA means Intercollegiate Saddle Seat Riding Association, KARS means Kids Are Riding Safely, KBR means knowledge based riding, LTR means Learn To Ride, LTRA means Lethbridge Therapeutic Riding Association, MARE means Mastering Abilities Riding Equines, MARINE means My Ass Riding In Navy Equipment, MARINE means My Ass Riding In Navy Equipment, MDR means Miniatures Driving and Riding, MIRM means Mentally Incompatants Riding Motorcycles, MRDA means Manitoba Riding for the Disabled Association,

GGRGirlz Gone Riding. GGR
GHRCGolden Horseshoe Riding Club. GHRC
GRAGirls Riding Association. GRA
GRTAGreenwich Riding and Trails Association. GRTA
HALTERHandicapped Athletes Learning To Enjoy Riding. HALTER
HDRCHorsham and District Riding Club. HDRC
HFRSHouston Farm Riding School. HFRS
IDTCInternational Dressage Trainers Club. IDTC
IRHInternational Riding Helmets. IRH
ISSRAIntercollegiate Saddle Seat Riding Association. ISSRA
KARSKids Are Riding Safely. KARS
KBRknowledge based riding. KBR
LTRLearn To Ride. LTR
LTRALethbridge Therapeutic Riding Association. LTRA
MAREMastering Abilities Riding Equines. MARE
MARINEMy Ass Riding In Navy Equipment. MARINE
MARINEMy Ass Riding In Navy Equipment. MARINE
MDRMiniatures Driving and Riding. MDR
MIRMMentally Incompatants Riding Motorcycles. MIRM
MRDAManitoba Riding for the Disabled Association. MRDA


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