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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Robotics. All abbreviations on this page are ACFR means Australian Centre for Field Robotics, ACRET means Ameya Centre for Robotics & Embedded Technology, ACRV means Australian Centre for Robotic Vision, ACVR means Assistive Computer Vision and Robotics, AGS means Automated Guide System, AGV means Automated Guided Vehicle, AGVS means Automated Guided Vehicle Systems, AIBPM means Artificial intelligence Business Process Management, ALIEN means Autonomous Legged Intelligence Exhibiting Navigator, ARBS means Activmedia Robotics Basic Suite, ARC means Autonomous Robotic Controller, ARC means Artificial intelligence, Robotics & Consciousness, ARIA means Advanced Robotics Intelligence Architecture, ARIEL means Artificial Robotic Intelligent Electronic Life, ARL means Aerospace Robotics Lab, ARM means Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing, ARM means Advanced Robotics Manufacturing, ARRM means Asteroid Redirect Robotic Mission, ARRM means Asteroid Robotic Redirect Mission, ARRM means Asteroid Redirect and Robotic Mission,

ACFRAustralian Centre for Field Robotics. ACFR
ACRETAmeya Centre for Robotics & Embedded Technology. ACRET
ACRVAustralian Centre for Robotic Vision. ACRV
ACVRAssistive Computer Vision and Robotics. ACVR
AGSAutomated Guide System. AGS
AGVAutomated Guided Vehicle. AGV
AGVSAutomated Guided Vehicle Systems. AGVS
AIBPMArtificial intelligence Business Process Management. AIBPM
ALIENAutonomous Legged Intelligence Exhibiting Navigator. ALIEN
ARBSActivmedia Robotics Basic Suite. ARBS
ARCAutonomous Robotic Controller. ARC
ARCArtificial intelligence, Robotics & Consciousness. ARC
ARIAAdvanced Robotics Intelligence Architecture. ARIA
ARIELArtificial Robotic Intelligent Electronic Life. ARIEL
ARLAerospace Robotics Lab. ARL
ARMAdvanced Robotics for Manufacturing. ARM
ARMAdvanced Robotics Manufacturing. ARM
ARRMAsteroid Redirect Robotic Mission. ARRM
ARRMAsteroid Robotic Redirect Mission. ARRM
ARRMAsteroid Redirect and Robotic Mission. ARRM


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