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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Rugby. All abbreviations on this page are 15 means rugby team, 6NT means 6 Nations Tournament, ACGR means Association Cantonale Genevoise de Rugby, ACRA means American Collegiate Rugby Association, ACTJRU means Australian Capital Territory Junior Rugby Union, AORC means Anglet Olympique Rugby Club, APRU means Australian Police Rugby Union, AQRT means Amsterdam Quad Rugby Tournament, ARPN means Associació de Rugby Poble Nou, ARU means Australian Rugby Union, ARU means Army Rugby Union, AYR means Atlanta Youth Rugby, BARA means British Asain Rugby Association, BCRL means British Columbia Rugby League, BDR means Ballon de Rugby, BRC means Brothers Rugby Club, BRRS means Border Rugby Referee Society, BRRS means Border Rugby Referees Society, CBRFC means Colwyn Bay Rugby Football Club, CBRU means Brazilian Rugby Union,

15rugby team. 15
6NT6 Nations Tournament. 6NT
ACGRAssociation Cantonale Genevoise de Rugby. ACGR
ACRAAmerican Collegiate Rugby Association. ACRA
ACTJRUAustralian Capital Territory Junior Rugby Union. ACTJRU
AORCAnglet Olympique Rugby Club. AORC
APRUAustralian Police Rugby Union. APRU
AQRTAmsterdam Quad Rugby Tournament. AQRT
ARPNAssociació de Rugby Poble Nou. ARPN
ARUAustralian Rugby Union. ARU
ARUArmy Rugby Union. ARU
AYRAtlanta Youth Rugby. AYR
BARABritish Asain Rugby Association. BARA
BCRLBritish Columbia Rugby League. BCRL
BDRBallon de Rugby. BDR
BRCBrothers Rugby Club. BRC
BRRSBorder Rugby Referee Society. BRRS
BRRSBorder Rugby Referees Society. BRRS
CBRFCColwyn Bay Rugby Football Club. CBRFC
CBRUBrazilian Rugby Union. CBRU


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