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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Russian. All abbreviations on this page are ACEFRS means Arabic Chinese English French Russian and Spanish, ACRC means Amherst Center for Russian Culture, ACTOR means American Council of Teachers Of Russian, ACTR means American Council of Teachers of Russian, AKM means Автомат Калашникова Модернизированный; (Avtomat Kalashnikova Modernizirovanniy), ALUG means Altay Linux User Group (Barnaul, Russian Federation), ARB means Association of Russian Banks, BORIS means Bodacious Oatmeal Russian Imperial Stout, BRICS means Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, BRICs means Brazil, Russia, India, China, BRLI means Business Russian Language and Internship, BRODA means British Russian Offshore Development Agency, BSE means Bolshaya Sovietskaya Entsiklopediya, BTAC means Бейтсвилль Торпедос Аква Клуб, BW means Bastard Warfare, CAATSA means Countering America's Adversariesv Through Sanction Act, CBSS means Council of the Baltic Sea States, CCCP means Soyuz Sovyetskikh Sotsyialistichyeskikh Respublik (Russian spelling of USSR), CCCP means Союз Советских Социалистических Республик, CERES means Centre for European Russian and Eurasian Studies,

ACEFRSArabic Chinese English French Russian and Spanish. ACEFRS
ACRCAmherst Center for Russian Culture. ACRC
ACTORAmerican Council of Teachers Of Russian. ACTOR
ACTRAmerican Council of Teachers of Russian. ACTR
AKMАвтомат Калашникова Модернизированный; (Avtomat Kalashnikova Modernizirovanniy). AKM
ALUGAltay Linux User Group (Barnaul, Russian Federation). ALUG
ARBAssociation of Russian Banks. ARB
BORISBodacious Oatmeal Russian Imperial Stout. BORIS
BRICSBrazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. BRICS
BRICsBrazil, Russia, India, China. BRICs
BRLIBusiness Russian Language and Internship. BRLI
BRODABritish Russian Offshore Development Agency. BRODA
BSEBolshaya Sovietskaya Entsiklopediya. BSE
BTACБейтсвилль Торпедос Аква Клуб. BTAC
BWBastard Warfare. BW
CAATSACountering America's Adversariesv Through Sanction Act. CAATSA
CBSSCouncil of the Baltic Sea States. CBSS
CCCPSoyuz Sovyetskikh Sotsyialistichyeskikh Respublik (Russian spelling of USSR). CCCP
CCCPСоюз Советских Социалистических Республик. CCCP
CERESCentre for European Russian and Eurasian Studies. CERES


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